McLachlan Road Frame - Reynolds - 58cm

I reckon this is rad.

I would have been a contender if I hadn’t sorted out my road-bike deficit over the weekend.

5 hours to go!

McLachlan Road Frame

matching mclachlan road for gene???

i agree that it is rad.

Someone get onto this !!!
I think he was one of the best builders in Oz.

he needs a new road frame too, as his merckx is a tiny bit too small.

think he’d need something bigger than a 58 though…

gene here

yep is too small unfortunately, coz i would love to have a pair,

spirito do you know much about this builder?
would love to have some more info on my track

His name was John McLachlan and he owned Stanmore Cycles with his wife Margaret. From other framebuilders I’d heard he was quite talented and more of an engineer than a pipe welder. They moved to the Central Coast and opened up
Civic Bikes :: History
Sadly John has passed away but his wife still has some involvement with the shop going by the website.

I don’t think it’d be out of line to take lots of good pics of your frame and perhaps enquire with his wife Margaret so that we can learn a little more about John and the bikes he built. Let us know if you do or post it up somewhere so others can also know about him.

Here’s some pics of a frame I sold last year …

Beautiful forks!!!
What’s that headset Ben?

stronglight delta =)

That fork crown is a nice detail. Never seen one like that before.

Metal plate with what I’m guessing must be some internal tangs or collar to which the forks are fillet brazed straight on. That bike was ridden at Master’s level on the track and wasn’t spared. You can’t build something like that and have it last without knowing what you were doing. A small detail but one of the few local builders who said “hey, look what I can do !!”.

$180! Fuck if I got home early enough I would have bid on that. Nice pick-up whoever got it.

Don’t feel so bad … the winning bid could have been $600. You’ll never know.