Mclennan Mistral

I still have a photoshoot to do with Andy Rogers and really looking forward to that. Was waiting for some bits and pieces to turn up like the Thomson X2 stem. Anyway here is the build

Tarn Mott built KVA stainless frame, Llewellyn lugs, dropouts, fork crown and fittings.
Chorus Groupset
Zipp alloy bars
Wheels - H + Son TB14, Sapim CX Ray, Chris King R45s
Thomson X2 stem
Fizik seatpost awaiting Thomson post
Selle Italia Flite saddle
Chris King 1.25 headset

There are some pictures from the frame being built on Tarn’s site so here is the link.
Keir ‘s stainless master piece | Primate Frames Bicycle Repairs and Custom Built Frames

Outstanding. Can’t wait for the full photoshoot.

It was probably not your intention as you took the photograph, but you’ve captured the moment Jelmer tried to bribe me with a wristie.

I try to please but not as much as Jelmer it would appear

nice work


did jelmer even enter a bike?!?!

Very nice, who is Tarn Mott, and indeed Mclennan?

Tarn = Primate Frames.

Primate out of Sydney.

Let me google that for you

horatio is banned from google. something about ‘no shirt, no searching’?

I don’t live in Sydney

Aww, that’s nice, you remembered that Horatio doesn’t have time for google and so you did it for him.

Neither does Tarn, pretty sure he is wollongong.

Nice bloke

Strictly speaking it’s the 'gong, but how does living in Melbourne preclude you from knowing about things that are done outside of it, It’s not the middle ages!

Spot on, Tarn is Primate Frames. Mclennan is my company that I started last year. I’ve been working with Tarn on doing something for a couple of years since he built my SSCX. Earlier this year we decided to head down this route with a lugged, stainless frameset although you can see he got his way with some fillet work on the st lug. I wont go further into the company bit as I dont want it to sound like an ad. Once we are happy wth everything we will get a banner ad here on FOA but if anyone wants to know about the frame they can pm me. Just enjoying riding it from Saturday past. Long project but nearly there now.


Sounds great, really nice frame, would like to see some more shots.

Thanks Horatio, I have to tee up with Andy Rogers to do a shoot but being in Daylesford not so easy at times. Hopefully before Christmas, we were going to do them Sunday of the Show n Shine but Tarn wanted the bike for the ACBS on the Sunday but soon though.

very nice