Mdma 3rd annual skid competition sat 11th dec.

The worlds biggest, dopest , skid comp is back to fu.k shi.t up and get you ready for the summer .
Nothing to really say on the matter other than the fact we have given away more than $10,000 in prizes and cash in 2 years that eveyone has left drunk as swearing their allegiances to the golden greek and the mdma . YES the famous mdma ghetto system will be rocking beats YES their will be a B.B.Q catering both to hard c.unts and weedy flower wearing vegan hippies . FREEZING COLD BEER via the donation system will keep you well hydrated and jovial . Too many prizes and sponsors to mention , but trust me its goona be dope raffles etc etc you get it right ? So get yourself down there bring your hard earnt and get ready to party melburn style . 10 cracker gets you in to all events 5 cracker for single events with 5 for buy ins . As always thx to brad Haylock who roks all the epic artwork/flyers for the MDMA . So spread the word fukers ! miss this one and you’ll be crying tears as big as october cabbages. still not convinced ? chek out some footage from previous years! and remember MDMA ROLLS DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP !



this is my favourite flyer ever.

well, second to tristan’s original drags flyer.

agreed. - is there a bigger version? - also, can’t wait for this - one of those events that’s more fun spectating than competing.

just like Dirty Deeds then??

don’t forget to add this event to the calendar!

better ? also theres dope cards to match to all entrants .
can someone add the event to calendar for me plz i didnt even know there was a calendar .

This sounds good, I’ll possibly be there.
Can we spray our tires with silicon spray?

especially if you’re that guy who used his face as a brake last year :-/

more broken ribs notwithstanding, i’ll compete this year, despite having no hopes of even coming in the top half of the field.
RA-SPECK to the golden greek!

since I’ve been riding clipless I’ve (painfully) discovered that the same action that I use to start a skid is the exact same action that unclips. Not ideal for winning, but should be good for the spectators.

This looks like the sweetest event to watch haha

Even funner to have a go!

If you dont pay the tenner to enter you’ll find yourself paying a lot more to enter all the other events as you get sucked into all the fun. last year i came up on a brand new bike just for entering… not too mention large amounts of good times and fun.

Nikcee, always wins a prize.

after the last mdma event i wouldnt miss this for the world

Trick comp…? Pretty please?

Dimos loves to see people crash, so I think he’d be up for this. :wink: [plus he loved him some wheelies back in the day]

While we are talking about additional events, I want to see a re-run of the ‘unassisted ghost ride the whip’ comp from ‘Big Trouble In Little China(town)’… Current record stands at about 100m. :slight_smile:

I’m going to die…

…so pumped up for this after missing last year’s :wink:

Given the nature of some upcoming events, I might need to get some bullhorns. I can’t wait to be very un-impressive in this event!

If you feel adding bullhorns helps than do it I say same goes for silicone spray oil soaked tyres etc etc I wanna see peeps go deeps also 100 $ to anyone that skids naked ( footwear allowed)

^ this can’t be good for the junk on the stem.
I’ll do it if i can wear a sock