OK guys here it is Skid viscious 2 aka New Skids on the Block .Its gonna be EPIC , throw in MASSIVE prizes trackstand comp , footdown best trick and velo fountain track and BANG it’s on bitches want more ? how about a bbq and beer ? not enough? kk lets bring the beats back and celebrate swamp donkey Brian AKA the wonder twin’s Birthday and there u have it BE THERE or ull kik yourself . Dont believe the Greek check out last years epic footage here .

and if anyone asks you how melbourn rolls tell em WE ROLL DEEEEEEEEEEP!!!

mad fun!
+1 for 80’s dress theme, i might have a chance of winning

This year EVERYONE should have a skid, good, bad, short, DEEEEP, we wanna see chicks busting out some moves too!


Awesome flyer.

can’t wait, hope the weather holds out :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but think about the epic skids (and stacks) if it rains! :smiley:

to bad i cant wear my billion kilo biker leather jacket for sweet 80s metal head stylez…



I’ve been “hang’n Tough” all day.

The taking-it-too-seriously brigade overseas will only count a skid if it’s done on a dry track and performed in both directions, ie to offset any wind/hill advantage. It might be worth having (rider+bike) weight divisions, like maybe <80kg, <90kg, <100kg. What names though, like bantamweight, belterweight … fakenger, posenger, fauxrier? :sunglasses:

The fatter the ride, the longer the skid, potentially. I think the mass of the bike I rode last year put me at an advantage, that and my weight … if two riders that can skid smoothly hit the line at the same speed, the heavier one will go further. Of course, the heavier ride will have more drag, so there’s more pressure on them to keep their weight right over the bars, which then puts them at a greater risk of going arse-over-tit. But then that’s what the best stack competition is for.

Excited like Big Kev.

hanging out for this!

didn’t make it down last year, anyone know how long the winning skid was?

skid vicious qual run 112m - Google My Maps Longest qualifying skid was about 110m.

Hmmm, or not… Anyone is capable of getting the backwheel of the ground (or nearly) regardless of their weight (though not independent on skill), it’s just a heaver person can do it with more stability which makes skidding like a mofo easier…

I’m rad at stopping and fucking suck at skidding, but I’ll still have a crack, and fall of into the garden…


this’ll definitely be a heap of fun. i didn’t give it a crack last time but i will this time!

I was in Melbourne for Skid Vicious. Was epic to watch. It can only get better

im hearing alot good stuff peeps hypes mos def building. Cant wait to see some of the outfits ppl rok up in .i think its gonna be David lee Roth for me :slight_smile:

BTW- fact big guys cant skid as far as tiny guys trust me if anyone should know its me. with the exception of NY alex i havnt seen a big guy go further than 140 metres . skiddings about long wheelbase and getting that “SKI” position happening when ur big like me 90kg u cant do that lean ull kill urself . i remember track cunt and i talking about it . we skid similar. thats why youll notice everyone sort of hits the 100-120 mark and thats it .( my best being about 120 )
current world champ shino (tiny) world record 509 feet (squirell austin texas tiny )

if u get a lil guy who knows how to get in to the ski posi and rok it he will smash 150-200 easily . I remember slick rick and maka telling me last year that some tiny dude from perth at the ACMC went well over 200 and it was a new Unofficial world record.
anyhoo hope that helped now lets all go and BIN IT !!!

yew! siked… gonna have to get work off!

That and rubbing your tyre in that grimy puddle scum for that extra slickness :wink:

Still recovering from stacking it but still not winning that broken spinergy :cry:

So, does your back wheel have to stay on the ground to qualify as a skid? Does the UCI have any provisions on this? (Part XVI: Mad Street Skillz)

Ssh. Substance abuse affects many sports. After one or two skids that advantage had gone - everyone was on a wet run in the beginning anyway, and it was almost dry by the finals. Keep your eyes peeled for ‘new’ tyres, it might just be a liberal application of ArmourAll.

(Some LBS are following the comp and may offer discounts to participants - talk to Paul at Velo Hub for more info if you’re in the Brunswick/Fitzroy area for example.)

I still reckon my mass and velocity at launch were important ([i]Science[/i]!), but the ‘ski posi’ is vital in keeping the drag down, as per the teachings of Διμος.

My research turned recently to metaphysics - the yoga after ndf’s spin session last night opened my third eye and yogic flying may hold the answer - ever noticed how an elephant skid looks like a forward lunge?

So, does your back wheel have to stay on the ground to qualify as a skid? Does the UCI have any provisions on this? (Part XVI: Mad Street Skillz)
Skids where the rear wheel leaves the ground and starts hopping often end suddenly, a kind of ‘resonance’. A few of the stacks last year were a result of this. You need ‘the smallest number greater than zero’ amount of weight on the rear to keep the bike pointed straight. As soon as you have no weight on the back … over you go. Are you proposing an ‘endo’ competition!