MDMA presents The Rat Race!!!!! Sunday May 18.

Hey all! Time for a different type of rat race

When: 1pm rego, 2pm race

Where: Cnr Gladstone and Kerr st. South Melbourne

It’s going to be a multiple checkpoint, multiple manifest tight little race around this quiet industrial area in south melbourne. Zero traffic, zero lights, so if you’ve ever felt nervous about alleycats in live traffic this is the race for you. Even if you don’t want to compete come down and hang out anyway.

All entry fees go towards the Melbourne Cycle Messenger World Championships in 2015

Thanks to No Scribbles for the flyer art. Checkout his stuff at and

Should also mention you’ll need a bag, a lock and also a pen.

Waaaaahey! Can we have a rat as a prize?



Will at jetnikoff has come onboard. What a legend! Always a supporter of MDMA. Also Blane at Cargone Couriers is going to bring the tunes with his sweet sound system bike.

Get Amped!!

Anyone got a bike I could borrow?


i’ve still got your old RIH if you want? clipless pedals though

What size, I have a 56cm you can ride.

Weather looks good for Sunday!

Yeah weather is looking great. Get yo selves down!! Prizes from jetnikoff bikes in Brunswick and also Creux cycling

Cargone couriers are bringing the speaker bike and there will also be brewskies on hand.

Coming down with my camera & gear to shoot some pics

Saint Cloud and Eleven Velo have been generous enough to give us some prizes aswell.

Luke that will be sweet!

I’ll have to find you when I get there Spider so I can figure out where to go and get snaps from the various locations.

Rather green to Alleycats and crits - do I have to ride fixed to compete, or technically could I bring any bike?

Apologies for the nūb.

You can ride whatever bike you choose. It’s not a crit. It’s a multiple manifest alleycat style race. It won’t necessarily be the fastest rider who wins, but the smartest.

Spider is cooking dinner so he told me to post the above.


That was a ridiculous amount of fun, the location was perfect. See you all at the next one!

Any pictures?

Was fun!

I took about 1,000… I’ll delete the shots of nothing/road/sky and get some passable snaps up in the next couple of hours. Beaker took a few as well…

Should have some video cut and up by this time next week too.