It’s on . meet at lincoln square park 8 pm . (bali memorial)
btw this IS NOT a race , its a social ride with everyone expected to wear a helmet and obey all the road rules :smiley:

Funny that, i am in melbourne this weekend :smiley:

man, you picked the best weekend to come down…

Sounds like a good warm up for the Fyxomatosis600.

…and I picked the worst weekend to go away. :cry:

Last Saturday of Summer, too.

or for roller racing!

stupid weddings.

will hopefully catch up to get drunk after.

and i really want to beat lachie…we were gonna put $50 on it.

sheeet, i needs that money.

steal food/drink from the wedding

taking a backpack.

will bring to post-race shenanigans.

spread the word its gonna be epic 3 possible race formats …1 will be chosen just minutes before the (ride) 5 bucks get u rocking .

mods throw the flyer up and ppl start spamming …HOW DO WE ROLL ? WE ROLL DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP !

(hint mystery prize) shhhhhhhhhhhhh !

keen on this

How was the race?
Did anyone film this? I’d be interested to see

yep, a “madd” “collabo” “joint” is gonna “drop” real soon. it’s “fresh”.
“fixie” films are the Golden Greek’s favourite part of this whole “dope” “fixie culture”.

Race was awesome, one of the best alleycats I’ve raced in.
No bullshit, just straight up riding fast and fun as fuck, cheers again Dimos

Thanks again Dimos! Shit was fast. Pedestrians, trams, police and all that jazz.
Was good to see the Melbourne dudes again. Got to put a face to a few more forum names. Hope to come down and ride again, hopefully not with fucked legs this time.

i missed it - any good?

who won?

from what i experienced, this race was full of champions!!