Go forth and spread the word . The original no brakes race is back for the 6th time . No fancy flyers no prizes no sponsors … I don’t need to do that anymore I’ve given out more cash and prizes than anyone in the world . Life has come full circle , just race … Put 5 bucks in winner takes all . Friday night peak traffic all in the CBD fast as fuc.k unsafe as fuc.k . Think you got what it takes ? Prove it … Or not I don’t really care . Past sponsors are invited to drinks during and after . My way of saying thankyou for all your support over the years . Not up to it ? I can always use checkpoint ppl :slight_smile: Blaine will blasting beats I’ll be shouting beers and the weathers going to be hot . Nothing more to say .

6pm public bar opposite Vic market .

And if you didn’t know il say it again motherfuck.ers MDMA ROLLS DEEP.


awwww no, any day but Friday!!

I’ll be there after a few burrs with my work croud - ahh good old irish courage! lets see some carnage!

Rumor has it the legendry “track cu.nt” has been invited … will he step up and represent ? only time will tell … sh*er d and I will be rocking up and its looking like rain may be on the way (smiles wickedly) dw i have pliers for those that need help with their brakes :slight_smile: time to cue the mean streets theme… hope the protection stays with you


what time does the actual race kick off? late start would be good so crew can make it to makatrons show that starts at six

6 pm is just a meet time race probably starting closer to 8 pm :slight_smile:

Hmm. If I’d had remembered this was on, I probably wouldn’t have agreed to go to the local council’s theater appreciation dinner.
Oh well!
Don’t get injured out there friends.

Great to hear from some oldschoolers that confirmed that they will be up for it . None bigger than mister tr$ck c$nt himself out to prove that he can still teach the new up and comers what time it is … It’s warming up .

hmmm. i might have to see what matty bowen is doing!

Vespas have brakes.

Me and Steve might have a crack at this.

And by “crack”, we mean “finish”.

well now that fixie lord track Cvnt is coming, ain’t much chance. Boy can split.

I’d be up for checkpointing with k o, but I’ve got to be at the forum by 930ish for a gig. Do you think it’ll work or is it a long {and painful} race?

nah it’s usually over within a halfa

2006- track C.unt
2007- King arthur
2008- track C.unt
2009- Lane Dell
2010-Lane Dell

past artwork.

lets do this.

Dimos, all the couriers are fucked cause no one has a track bike anymore, haha

So where when etc?