Mean Streets - Keep Ya Head Updated

MeanStreets was started in 2006 by veteran Adelaide messenger Slick Rick.
In the tradition of Monster Track in New York (which has been going for almost 10 years) a level playing field was created for all the fixed fiends out there.
And there is alot out there theez days. Remember, its not about the glory, its all about the participation. So any new schoolers uming and ahhing, just go for it.
Stop using that fixie as a fashion accessory and go have some fun.

We may not know your future but we sure as hell know our history.

Hi there.

Fresh pasta and Trailer park boys.

vomits in mouth

50% chance of rain on sunday. could get messy.


Hey people, just wanted to say how much fun today was (even tho I came last).

Was my first one and hopefully not my last. Wanna thank everyone for being extra cool and super friendly.


great day, had heaps of fun.

thanks so much to dimos and everyone else involved! :smiley:

Good to have you along Hans. Much respect for your riding. Hope to see you out again soon.


Yeah huge thanks to the golden greek and mdma for putting on another sweet event - anyone got pics?

See y’all at dash for cash :evil:

cheers dimos and all the crew involved for a kick ass race,look forward to the next one,thanks again.

Pics? :cry:

yeah, much thanks to dimos / wormz / spudda. good race, even if i’m still a little bitter.

epic day. awesome to see the community get together for this event - share greets, beers, smiles and laughs…
Thanks MDMA (Dimmos!) and all supporting crew.

some looks from the Carl’s lens that sunday afternoon…


cheers for the photos every one. awsome day :slight_smile:

The scores

Track Cunt 27 points
Corey 26 points
Luke 25 points
Tom 24 points
Denny 23 points
Chris 22 points
Liam 21 points
Vince Full of flavor 20 points
Matt 19 points
Brendan 18 points
Rob 17 points
Sam 16 points
Pip 15 points
Steve 14 points
Den 13 points
Nathan 12 points
Max hardcore 11 points
Cael sunstrider 10 points
K 9 points
Hizza 8 points
Ben 7 points
Hans 6 points
Miles 5 points
Angus 1 point
Johnny pube face 1 point
Ra the sun god 1 point
the "unknown " rider 1 point

such a great “ride”