measuring fork rake with PhotoShop?

Anyone tried measuring the rake of a fork with PhotoShop or a similar graphics program?

i.e. if you take a profile photo of the bike then add lines and measure all on the computer?

i like your innovation… what about the distortion from the lens though? and you’d need something in the photo to establish a scale. seems like a hassle.what about projecting a taut piece of string along the centre of the head tube then measure perpendicular distance to the fork ends? anyway im sure there’s someone more knowledgable on here than me with an answer!! good luck

Yeah good ol’ string works when I’m at home. But this kind of is what happens when I try to figure out my fork rake at work.

I figure scale would be the top tube given most people would know the main measurements of their bike.

Now I’m almost so stubborn that I have to figure out how to do this.

Lens distortion isn’t an issue, assuming you’re not silly enough to try it with a fisheye! The longer the lens, the better, as this will offer improved perspective, and you’d want to have taken the photo level with the lens horizontal (so squatting down, rather than shooting from head height and pointing the lens downward) and perpendicular to the bike.

You could then figure it out in photoshop by using Pythagoras’ theorum. (Unless your version of Photoshop has some measuring tool that mine doesn’t.)

I haven’t used Photoshop for years, but The Gimp (at least ~5 yrs ago) had a tool where you could define a scale and measure distances. You could also measure angles etc.

Photogrammetry FTW.