Meet Bob and Neil

A couple of Pommies to be introduced.


Bob Jackson Vigorelli 631
Campy Record Headset
Miche Crankset & BB
Mavic Piste Hubs on Campy Lambda Strada rims
San Marco Regal
Thomson Elite seatpost
Deda stem
Cinelli Pista bars

Neil - He’s a little different but don’t hold it against him.

Neil Orrell (Manchester) 753 Pursuit frame
Stronglight headset
Zipp 400 26”
Campy Record low flange on H+son
Campy Record Pista crank & BB
Nitto Pearl
Chopped 3TTT Bio Quartetto pursuit bars
Paul e-Lever - Ultegra Caliper
Mick Peel reconditioned saddle (unknown base)
No name seatpost
Shimano SPD’s

In Melb, so shout out if you see me around.

Neil and Bob: is that their names, or what they get up to behind closed doors?


:-o Never seen those bars/snowplow before. Different indeed. Did you chop them? The rest of the bike looks sick.

Link to original bars if anyone interested.

They were already chopped when I got them. Strange in that they’re adjustable but very comfortable as the T bone area rides like you’re on the hoods.

That Orrell is sick!

both are beautys! but the white tyres don’t do it for me

awesome… I like them both for completely different reasons. What are those snow ploughs like to ride with?

Neil looks like he’s rocking the Tonfa. :sunglasses:

Bars are exceptionally comfy. Gives 3 riding positions - the flat, cross section and the extension for more aero/speed.

There’s some NOS one’s on eBay right now.

Bob is rad

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Sorry Shortsie, campy cranks going for $200 need to see if it’s true

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is neil running a 650 c front tire with a 700c rear or are my eyes just fucked. ta

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I love BJ’s :wink: