Meet Rusty

An old Laurencia, rescued from my neighbour before he chucked it out. It was his old paperboy bike when he was a kid.
The plan was to build a beater as cheap as possible. Parts had to be either from the junk box or swapped out. So far I’ve swapped a Christmas pudding, some fruit mince pies and a bag of marshmallows. The rest of the parts were leftovers from old bikes.

Kept, were the original cottered cranks. Added was a 700c fork, front wheel from an old Repco, worn out Turbo saddle, DIY double straps, brake and bell for the constabulary & a 3TTT stem that’s worth more than the rest of the bike. The rear wheel is ‘borrowed’ from my missus single speed.

If you see us out on the street, say hi. But don’t be expecting no skids. It’s only a Quando hub and i don’t want to strip it!

Now I just need some spoke cards…

quando’s are fine to skid on, it took me like 5 minutes to strip a brand new one

Ugly Betty Bitsa Beast… beautiful :smiley:

luv it

dude, Im happy to swap you the 3T stem for a suitable shit one just to keep things consistent. :sunglasses: