thought i’d post a blurry photo of my work bike to distract myself from cleaning up this mess that i live in:

leaf gipsy frame
phil hubs/cog, or should i that ugly word sprocket
open pro rims
sugino 75 cranks/bb
super v chain
time pedals
fyxo chainring
rosselli fork

also… big thanks to nickj. top guy

Nice. Now go clean your fuckin’ room.

Nice fork Tom.

nah man room’s clean. it’s the rest of this place that is the problem

nice components, looks tough without flaunting it.
How do you find the frame compared to your last fuji? Frame shall look mad all stickered up soon.
Those track ends :slight_smile:

…On the other hand, can’t help but notice how similar the logos are

How could anything compare to the beauty that is the '07 fuji track pro?!?!?!

oh siq oneeee can’t wait to see this irl.!!! you coming bac to wor sometime soon?


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Yeah…nice to see it again…looks tight as on that frame.

yeah i’ll be back at work tomorrow limping around riding that other piece of crap i own

i quite like the frame, the drop outs have never actually been an issue. no matter how i’ve had it set up, only beef is the internal headset. i can’t stand them.

thanks dave i haven’t snapped it yet, though i have taken a few gouges out of it