[MEL] 2007 Austral Wheelrace - Sat 24 Feb

2007 Austral Wheelrace
Vodafone Arena, Sat 24 Feb, 7:00pm

Come and cheer on everyone’s favourite courier racing the fast boys on a 30 year-old clunker, wearing nothing but a stackhat, smelly retro jersey and official Bob Farley Farleigh team-issue high socks.

…and of course: the infield bar will be open.

Unconfirmed rumour: Lats will be racing too!


I might happen to be racing too.


Eddie: How will we recognise you?

Didn’t I see your name in the program for the last meet at DISC Eddie?

Hope to see you out there at Vodafone

Which rumour monger started that one - See you there.

Just look in the program and then look at the numbers on our backs?! :expressionless:

Great idea! See you Tuesday :wink:

I didnt know Slick Rick was racing… :-o

I thought it was Max.


race program

TC and Lats racing in heat one, Eddie in heat 7. Go lads.

My thoughts go out to all those who crashed…

A few phone camera pics of the akshun on that boards on Sat evening:

Some photos C/O CraigC:

and more: http://undershorts.org/images/austral-07/