[MEL] Another hour?

Hey everyone - I’m thinking of organising another hour challenge… But this time I think we’ll arrange to do it under lights on a warm Saturday evening, maybe in the next month or so. When the wind drops and the concrete is warm, the track gets nice and fast :slight_smile:

Before I set a date and organise the track… Who would like to have a(nother) crack?

The challenge is simple:

How many laps of the Brunswick outdoor velodrome (Harrison St Brunswick) can you do in exactly one hour?

for sure. have been yearnin’ for another shot.

I’d be keen for a crack.

you know i’m in

Ace. Sooooo…

How does Saturday, March 22 sound? That’s the week after the Austral and the club team champs.

Meet at ~6pm for two sessions. I’ll ask if we can use the lights this Saturday. Does that date work for you? If so I’ll lock it in and get ready.

It also gives you 4 weeks to work out your lap times, hour plan and gear choice. Remember: (Unless you are Omar) The gears are fixed, the choice is final.


Done i am there.

YaRR count me in :evil:

NO NO NO please not THAT weekend, that the weekend that my brain will be on another planet read: Bucks party please please please not that weekend :cry:
I’ve already missed two Hours due to other commitments, this would be the pits.

Remember: (Unless you are Omar) The gears are fixed, the choice is final.


do you realise the aus cycle messenger champs are on in adelaide that weekend?

and that it would preclude some competitors -me and (couriers) from procedings?

just saying…

i’m out.
Saturday 22nd March is Easter Saturday, i’m away


Time to try and get fit.
i think it might hurt more than last year as I was fit then.

in the diary!!!

That’s alright, most of the fixed.org crew don’t mix well with the couriers…

OK looks like the 22nd is no good :confused:

So… how about the following wekend? That would be Saturday 29th?

It conflicts with the Vic Masters… But are there any masters riders here that would like to have a go at the hour?

That would also be the night after the next roller derby - dunno if that changes anything…

so yep How does the 29th suit?

No can do for me.
It’s my bux.

blankets!@!@@ the 5th of April is out - that’s the Brunswick open. How about the 12th April? The day before the Melburn-Roobaix?

damn. Not too many options left - Lats, when are you jetting off to .CA?

Can’t do 5th. Gotta do something with some lady I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with.
Can do 12th.

I fly out 27th!
Doing this with some mates on the 20th (Team Moo UBC)

they also have this.



Saturday 29th March it is. There will be limited places - more information to come.

If all the places fill up and there is more interest we might be able to run another evening during a weeknight.

Sh’yeah rockin!!! I’m there dead or alive for this one WOOOOO

If you get there alive, you’ll be dead 3600 seconds later!!!