[MEL] BBQ! Wednesday 31st Oct 6:45 Fed Sq.

To celebrate daylight savings… Wednesday ride to BBQ from Fed square. Departing Fed Square 6:45pm, ride the super-commuter trails to the Clifton Hill Playground BBQ site (map)…

Everyone welcome! Bring a helmet and a smile. See you at Fed Square!

Yeah will be there, bring on the fun times and time trial circuits around the playgrounds.

Don’t forget tomorrow: Fed Square at 6:30pm. It will be a very casual ride, the emphasis will be on BBQ :slight_smile:

Hope to see you all there.

Sounds fantastic. Wish I could be there guys.
Will be stuck inside the office working :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hey, I’ll be there - but my fixed is not finished yet, so will be on the mountain bike… i think it has about 1000 gears, i haven’t counted.


ps. was at uni today and saw 2 fixed and then another 4 on the way home - all good

How was it guys?
Sadly I was either at work or had, er, other engagements.
ndf- I reneged on your suggestion, thanks! :evil:

it was a great night

Yeah t’was a great night, thanks to all for organising it.

Thanks to Pete’s flat
Thanks to Des’s and Nicks’s hot new bikes
Thanks to the weather
Thanks to the sausages and BBQ
and in particular thanks to Omar’s great story telling :smiley:

I’m intrigued- tell me more! :evil:

Secondeded, do tell, do.

What happens @ said BBQ stays at BBQ… Remember I know where y’all live :evil:

But yes I second the many thanks to everyone involved! Hmm way cool!

God guys, what the hell happened?
Don’t tell me someone brought BEER! :evil:

Good. You can send the check there.

Oh, is that one of those: “would you tell anybody if you woke up with a used condom up your arse”, scenario’s?

Is anything happening this evening?