[MEL] BFF Project Move

From Julie, event director

Hey guys,

Please come support Project MOVE! This is actually the most crucial of our projects, as all labor will all be in vain if the positive bike love doesn’t get spread. Our next gathering after Tueday for Project MOVE will be Friday at 5, before the CM12 birthday ride.

Project MOVE phase 4 - Tuesday, 26/11, 6 pm
@ BFF Nerve Central (Ambiguous Horse studio)
3/75 Hardware Lane, Melbourne (closest to corner of Lonsdale and Hardware lane - above Vialetto restaurant). (look for little red buzzer on left or sign on door and come upstairs!)

Also, please help us with Project MOBILIZE, posting on all the bicycle usergroups and blogs info re the BFF. Personalize it how you’d like, but you can just cut and paste this blurb if it helps:

Tickets for the first EVER Melbourne edition of the Bicycle Film Festival selling fast! Running December 5th - 9th, the BFF features films, art shows, street parties and more! Finally, the cyclists of Melbourne will have a chance to see some of the world’s best bicycle-related short and feature length films in the glorious surroundings of the Capitol Theatre. We have a number of festival passes to give away and would like to offer the members of your group the opportunity to win one. Festival passes are valued at $60 and grant the bearer free entry to any of the screening sessions at the RMIT Capitol Theatre plus free entry to our opening night party - Bikes Rock! To win, all you have to do is email info@ambiguoushorse.com with the name of one of films in the Melbourne screening program (found at

We really appreciate any help you can offer us in spreading the word. Thanks, Ride On!



get on it kids

hmmm. not really helping anything except increasing the pistadex

The real PistaDex:

Google PistaDex

wow. that’s cool