[MEL] Bicycle Film Festival Scav Hunt 23/11 NEW FLIER

Just found out that the Bicycle Film Festival Alleycat/Scav hunt needs some promoting, and apparently there is going to be some dope prizes (even a frame!).

The ride will be all totally welcome, and will finish at a BFF party! More of a roobaix style approach I hear, so less death-defying crazy riding madness! I even hear something about costumes, more to come on that front though.

Get Keen!


so much going on!

Sunday the 23rd of November is our day of fun for this little gem.


Ok peeps, I told everyone about this one at Meanstreetz, here’s the new flier with dates and locations, make sure you get down there, its FREE, what more could you want (except for icecream…), FREE I tell ya!





first i miss meanstreets and now this…

have fun everyone!

This gets more and more bizarre. Should we wear a suit or something?

i’m confused too. should i bring a lock / bag / pen / etc? is it black tie? can i bring a date?

Nope, you can come naked Brendan! (I’ll pay you 20c…)

The Dress the Fuck up part is because you’ll be throwing on clothes at the checkpoints, all provided, though sworn to oath under BFF Code 19.84 that’s all I can say about that, except that it will be doubleplusgood…


maybe i will!

Hipster trap!

“I’m not wearing that!” rival whizzes past in old hypercolour tshirt

hypercolour is so back dude


Don’t forget this ends at the street party (check BFF website for more), and then the final sessions which are going to be sweet!


bump. today. go!

hey, thanks to corey and reuben for organizing this. and thanks to pip for being a good sport when i bitched my way into third place. and nice work johnny on taking it out - enjoy the custom frame, brother.

cheers to all involved,really good day,killer head wind to st kilda, but we were lucky weather wise with no rain. thanks again.

heaps fun day, the scavenger hunt was so much fun, minus the brutal headwind on the way to st kilda, but the tail wind back towards clarendon made it worth it. urban bike shorts was rad also. thanks!

Yeah the headwind was a monster. Thanks to all the dudes who organised - it was a really fun ride until I flatted just before the second last checkpoint!

Get some Atlantas and you can ride on those bad boys with a flat!