[MEL] Black Fuji lots of stickers silver wheels

I had my bike stolen last night at edinburgh gardens (i turned my back for no more than 5 minutes and someone grabbed it). I am hoping that it was just drunken opportunism and that it turns up somewhere, it wasn’t very valuable but i loved it.

Anyway, description:
Fuji track, rattle canned black which was coming off on the top tube (size is probably about a 55cm)
Lots of stickers; noticeably a saint cloud one on the down tube and two matching dr dre stickers on the chain stays plus loads of other bike related stickers elsewhere.
Wheels are from an old bianchi pista (kinda look like deep vs and the hubs say bianchi on them).
Generic scratched up silver quill stem.
It has black risors with black ourys and a front brake, and flat pedals with velcro straps.
Saddle is a san marco rolls.
Tyres were michelin pro 3 race, which are grey/black with white sidewalls.
And it had a zefal falmingo fender with a ‘never stop pedaling’ sticker.

Thanks in advance for your help (and thanks to sime, teagan and gene for riding around the park to look for it last night).


it got handed into the fitzroy police station, so happy!!!

Shit, that’s lucky!

Still can’t believe this!!! So good.

Yeah that’s almost unheard of. Great news!

You are a lucky person you. No more leaving bikes unattended at Edinburgh gardens. Or elsewhere I suppose.

best news