[MEL] Dash for cash?

Was just on fyxomatosis, saw this:

That is tomorrow night right? Kinda late notice (unless I wasn’t paying attention) but Ill be there!

Next week, next week, next week!
Finish is at the Bike Film Festival.

I’ll post more when im not drunk.

zat 5pm or 9pm?

Lucky I came on the computer just now, else I would have been waiting outside fed square at 9pm tonight wondering what the hell was going on! :-o

or is it 7pm

I really hope its later than 5 pm. Im playing cricket all day and we are chasing 225 on a good batting wicket with a slow outfield. Could go down to the wire! If its 7pm or 9pm that will be a lot more convenient.

Can someone in the know please confirm the time? I noticed Spud changed his post :wink:


EXCELLENT :smiley: I thought it would be a bit strange having the race at 5 and the festival at 11. looks like Ill be able to make it to the alleycat on thursday and saturday now.

Congrats to Lane, (the dark prince of Brunswick North?) for taking out the big bucks. Also congrats to Ross (i think) for beating me in the heat and scoring a mad bag!

Yer, sorry bout that, unlucky way to get beaten :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you didn’t damage your awesome bike when you were throwing it around.

Lane is a gun, looks like someone will have to come up with an even better concept for an alleycat so someone will have a chance at beating him!

Absolute gold on that win from Ross. Nice effort spud, you had at least 10 metres on him, maybe next time? Made for a good finish to watch!

Good to meet up with Ross, hopefully next time there will be more fixed.org.au crew to catch up with (how about a start some time after 10am? Haha).