[MEL] Drag Racing - Saturday 19th May

Come along and have some fun riding in the drain. It will probably be an elimination event - winners keep riding till there is one male and one female left. At 1pm you can even make the Saturday ride beforehand. Bring all your friends - this is not serious racing :slight_smile:

DamnHooray, I’ll need to find those full length white satin gloves again.

A reminder to anyone interested: Drags this coming Saturday 19th 1pm.

Same place as last time:

Citylink bike route, Mt. Alexander Rd & Citylink - in the Moonee Ponds creek storm-water overflow. Follow path under citylink into the drain, and along to finish line area.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to have a go - this is NOT a fixed-only event. Bring all your friends and have a tool around in the drain. Elimination by random selection in two categories: Male & Female. All entrants will get at least one run. Turn up, pay your $5 and wait to be called up. Costumes optional.

Prizes from Shifterbikes, Fyxomatosis, and fixed org au will be awarded to participants after racing - all participants will be in the running.

Questions to dragz at undershorts dot org

BOM is forecasting showers - and since this event is to be held in a drain, that may complicate things a touch. The current plan is:

In the event of rain -> Event Cancelled.

:confused: Sad, but if the event has to be cancelled - I’m glad it’s for a good cause heheh.

Not going to rain.

…not going to rain.

…not sold your fixie then?

Rain = booze excuse…(i won’t be there anyway, looking after the 2 poor recipients of my gene code)

aww… don’t be so hard on yourself!

I think the ‘yellow’ Snowflake would disagree with you, Nath.

Hi, has this one been canceled? Forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look awesome.

Could be better than expected? “showers” often means “no rain” here in Melbourne.


We should be able to handle “a few showers”, so assume it’s on unless the race course is filled with water.

I just did a quick recon:

17:45 EST

The middle channel is fairly full, but the race area is clear all the way to the giant phallus, so if the rain eases in the morning, and all we get is a few showers - I’m confident we can make it happen!

Now, that’s service for you!

Damoh, this one’s for you :slight_smile:

Damm I gots beaten by a girl… or was that a bloke?

well… I’d say you were beaten by a hub thread :wink:

Thanks again Nathan for your fantastic efforts! It was a great day, I just wish I wasn’t so stuffed by the time the drags started.

I’ve put a few images of the day together here:
<a href=“http://www.flickr.com/photos/42012645@N00/”>Here</a>

Sorry I couldn’t make it boys.

Looks like you all had a blast!!
Wish I was there.

Had a great time. Thanks to all involved in organising this, your efforts were much appreciated.