[MEL] Drags! 23/03

On the front page: 1/4 mile drag racing. Looks like it will be a fun event!

Electronically timed qualification?

Come on Tristan … just admit that you’re using a stop watch. :wink:

Prepare to be surprised Des.

I have it on excellent authority that there will indeed be separate electronic timing, for both riders simultaneously.

Reliability of the ‘system’ is yet to be seen. It’s possible that the timing equipment may actually be turned on a wood lathe.

Is it possible the timing device will look like this??


You’ll have to wait and see.

There’s a new flyer out:

Courtesy Fyxomatosis, more details here.

I preferred the original.


Who changed the farken date you cvnts.

I moved a presentation I had to make from the 30th till the 23rd so I could come.


Two questions,
A: Has anyone got a bench grinder I could use to mod my cleats so I can stay in or pop out when ‘I’ want too?
B: Has anyone got any cliplerss pedals I could use for this lil shindig?


A: Yes, but
B: I have some eggbeater candies + cleats you are welcome to borrow.
C: Yes.

A: Grande
B: S? grazie
C: Non capisco

I still do :slight_smile:
Dunno why fyxoma’ and shifter-b’ objected to it so much - it’s brilliant! I wish I couldn’t be f@#$ed with photoshop. ahah

Damnit, why can I never find diamantes when I need to?

some inspirational videos to help you prepare for friday week:


btw… this is not a fix only event :slight_smile:

that first one was sick! :evil: :mrgreen:

Fixed only for me, rockin it on 53/16 :evil:

I shall be rollon on down, however do you guys need a hand running the show?

Only to happy to help out. (beer run?)

Hmmn… now that you mention it…

  • we may need some holders at the start line…

  • maybe an MC? anyone got some MIKE-SKILLZ?

Also if anyone has a bunch of those hokey 12V (halogen?) downlights that are burnt out, I’d love to take them off your hands! I need ~12 of them and am too cheap to buy new ones just to rip the glob out. PM etc if you can help :slight_smile:


Friday - that’s only two more sleeps !! :slight_smile:

If you’re debating whether or not to come along, STOP! Come on down, have a run, say hi and hang out. Bring all your buddies that ride bikes. Rumour is there might be some prizes - and not just for the overall “winners”.

I’ll be sitting at the computer wearing a CAT racing cap - hope to see you there!

If you’d like to prepare… these links might help you to hone your reaction time skills:


If all goes well… we’ll be using a “Pro Tree” start on the night. No light beams for staging, but something analogous :slight_smile:

So where’s the finish line for us pervs not competing?