[MEL] Expressions of interest: S24O & The Hour

Bored with the standard Saturday ride? Seeking excitement, challenges and new material to bore your non-cycling friends with at the pub? It’s time for an Epic Ride.

Want to go further on a journey with a destination (1) or perhaps push yourself harder than ever in a ride that’s nothing but journey? (2)

1) S24O (Ess two four oh, Sub 24hr Overnight)
Coined by Grant Petersen (Rivendell), it’s a trip you can take without needing vacation time, planning, or much equipment. Somewhere between randonneuring and touring without the double fake beard holders and long socks.

Leave Saturday, get to destination, do stuff, sleep, return, all in less than 24hrs.


V-Line could also be used to increase the range if the destination is out of reach for an overnighter.

Interest? Destination suggestions? Dates?

2) The Hour (Athlete’s Record, none of this aero gubbins, although skinsuits are encouraged)

It seems like it’s been a while since the last one and there are a lot of new members now, so how about another crack at the hour record at Brunswick velodrome. Discover if you can go fast and turn left for 60 minutes and still walk afterwards.

No brakes (disconnect cable), fixed only, drop bars. Pair up and one rides while one person counts laps. Previous field limit was 12.

Does the fixed.org.au record still stand at 40 laps km? (doh!)

Attempt #3
Attempt #2
Attempt #1
Attempt #0

Interest? Dates?

Aaaaaaand discuss:

The Hour sounds nasty.

Drugs ok?

I think that 40k’s, held by Tristan aka Hard Man Racing.

Might be keen for the hour. What’s a gubbins?

Current fixed.org.au record is 120laps (~39km) set by Hardmanriding Bennett.
I’m off the bike till April, so will be available to run an hour no worries… I suggest a Saturday evening, say 6pm - 9pm as suits best. The following Saturdays work for me:

Sat 24th Jan
Sat 21st Feb

  • some others in March

Pick one, and I’ll arrange the rest :slight_smile:

Yes. It was quite an effort too considering the hardman pulled his wheel in at the start and had to weave through the mess of riders at the end.

Awesome that time in the evening would be perfect. The wind would have died and the track would still be warm. It would be like Bendigo. We might even get to have the lights on.

Keen for hour…

voting hour

drops you say :\

I also have a desire to ride til i (almost) throw up… for an hour.

yea, was saying to damoh the other day that i’m keen for another hour~

february! lock it in!

OK: Fixed.org.au hour attempt 4… Saturday February 21st, HSV 6:30pm.

I still have some “Impossible hour” dvd’s if anyone is interested.

i’m interested in both riding and watching the hour.

rumour has it that after his hour record, eddy merckx told reporters that it had taken five years off his life…

True, said it Belgian he did!

shit Nath! that sucks :frowning:

fuck… having kids has taken years off mine… what’s another five ?!