[MEL] Fixed 100 - Oct 13

fixed org au proudly presents the 2nd annuallish fixed 100!

An easy-paced 100km fixed-gear group ride, mostly on bike paths, to the outer wastelands. Last year was a raging success*, so we’re doing it again!

Where: Federation Square - Federation Square
When: 7:30am Saturday October 13th 2007
Who: Everyone is welcome

The route will take us from Fed Sq. along the Capitol City Trail to Richmond, over the Boulevard then onto the Main Yarra trail. We’ll head out to Westerfolds park, then turn left to Eltham. From Eltham we’ll take the Aqueduct rd. back toward Greensborough and then head across the ring rd to the new Hume Hwy bike path before returning to Melbourne via the Merri Ck trail.

It’s an easy pace ride - and we’ll be re-grouping at a number of spots along the way in case anyone needs to blow some webs off.

No need to RSVP - just turn up at 7:30 on the day, bring a few dollars, some snacks and a water bottle or two.

If you need any more info please pm or email nathan at undershorts org

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Ah moderators, is there anything they can’t delete?

And now that I’ve got The Simpsons out of my head after that bit about Mc Bain…

…the route sounds good, now we just need some rain to make those nedfarts* muddy!

  • Triumph! Nedfarts isn’t even in the urbandictionary!

I think this could be the perfect thing for my return to the Saturday ride!

Count me in, without any kind of solid commitment and the distinct possibility that I might just not turn up, of course.


This week ladies and gentlemen!!

If you are undecided about maybe coming on a fixed group ride - forget all your concerns and just come along. This should be a good one!

Would love to join you guys but gotta be careful how much I ride this week cos of my back, plus have been told to only do 40-50km’s Saturday cos we are doing Handicap’s Sunday arvo at track :smiley:

Have a good ride guys and I hope the weather holds out fo you!

What time do you think you’ll be back Nath?

Easy paced… 100km at 10km/hr = 10 hours for me :slight_smile:

The average speed will probably be about 22km/h I expect.

How much climbing is there in this route you’ve planned out Nath?

I’ve been off the bike for a while, my legs aren’t what they used to be.

I’ll probably cope with going over the boulevard but much more than that will probably break me.

I wouldn’t worry too much Nathan. There’s a few hills on the trail out to Westerfolds, but there’s plenty of opportunity to bail out or just turn around and head back.

But…if ndf takes us back through Eltham/Warrandyte, you can probably expect some bigger hills.

There is only one hill to speak of on the route (other than the Boulevard). This is coming from Eltham across to the ring road, but It’s not a ‘climb’ so we should all be able to handle it ok… and in the worst case we can take a shallower, but slightly longer path depending on how everyone feels on the day.

The only other issue is weather…

I guess if it rains, we’ll maybe go for a modified ride based on who shows up and what they’d like to do.

Saturday Few Showers Min 10 Max 16

Hmmm… :expressionless:

I like Friday better - let’s move it forward a day! :stuck_out_tongue:

Friday Showers, local hail. Windy. Min 10 Max 15

RAIN RULE NO.1 (from lats’ rule book)
If its raining stay in bed.

RAIN RULE NO.2 (from lats’ rule book)
If its raining, don’t go riding because you will have to clean your bike.


AB Rain Rule #1: If it’s raining, wear wool. If it’s pouring, ensure there’s a hot shower & coffee at the end.

AB Rain Rule #2: Fenders & chainguards may look daggy, but so does a brown date stripe and a gritty drivetrain.

Rain from above: Pleasant
Rain from the road: Not so much


Do I need to hand out some wrist bands?? :wink:

Pitty mine is defective :frowning: :wink:

Omar: Stuff from last year.

Thats GOLD man!

Count me in rain or hail,

P.S. In case I dont have a bike, can anyone offer me a dink? :mrgreen:

What are you talking about you crazy man??? :? :? :? :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :-o :-o :-o