[MEL] Fixed 100 - Oct 13



Oh really?


I’m looking forward to this ride… Rain or not it will be fun to cruise around all day on the fixies, explore some paths we’ve never been on, talk crap about whatever and have a laugh at party-boy’s antics.

See you all tomorrow at 7:30.

Bring it on :evil:

I’m out…

Doc’s orders, no serious riding until next weekend.


Of course a couple of Brisbanites will be doing a 150km brevet tomorrow on fixed. We only have to worry about heatstroke…

I’d be with you , Dave…if I hadn’t just had the staples out…looking to the Midnight Century Dec1st, though…may manage to get a few others as well

I was planning to break my anti-social cage and join you all on this ride as a nice leg-warmer for the ATBIAD but I’ll be getting x-rays of my freackin’ foot instead. Thanks Melbourne Marathon! Fingers crossed and I’ll see you next weekend ATB’ers. Have a good one.

i’m not sure i’ll make it. i want to right now, but i’ll make up my mind in 4 hours when i have to get out of bed for real.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and made today such a great ride. Sorry for the navigational hiccup at the Greensborough bypass… I should have taken us down the bike path instead of the freeway (next time :wink: Awesome company and a great day out. Thanks also to CEREs for putting up with us and for providing such a fine venue for snowflake’s avalanche of comedic gold.

Ahh, another great ride bought to us by some great people! riding is great and good company while riding is even better! thanks heaps all, i had a great time. Nath you outdid yourself and made it a great event for all “mickey mouse” ride fella.

yeh! good work coach

Photos: here

(c/o Steve)

great pics guys! i loved petes parking spot :smiley:

that was a really good ride yesterday, thanks for organising it and thanks to all the cats that i drafted behind :lol: the photos are really good to nath.

dan. :slight_smile:

Hey metallurgy nerds are cool. Thanks for the scientific study.
So what is the outcome of this study? Don’t get cheap thin-walled Al Stems? :evil:

Sdiz pluz diz ekuals, Mechanikal Potato! :evil:

So what is the outcome of this study?

Wheeee!!! new parts!


According to Kat, the bike was crashed heavily about 12 months ago… But she’s happy to accept manufacturing defect as the cause :slight_smile: