[MEL] Fixed Around The Bay

As discussed in this thread :


This is an unsupported ride around the bay following the official course anticlockwise e.g. Fed Sq, Queenscliff, (ferry to) Sorrento, Fed Sq. Split into 210km group and 250km group at Geelong and regroup at Queenscliff for lunch and the ferry.

Map : http://www.cyclingprofiles.com.au/HTM/BV/ATBIndex2.htm
Date : Saturday 28th February
Start : Fed Square @ 6am

Sounds good! I’ll be there if I’m not working the friday before.

nice thread angry. very succinct

i might come along. is the route hilly? what gears is every body running?

Nice one angus. It’s pretty muchdead flat all the way. Check out the elevation profile here :


I’ll be riding ~70inches.

good luck with Mt eliza

Was fine with a similar gear last time I did this ride. stomp stomp and you’re over the top in no time. If anything, 70" is too low especially if you get favourable winds, you’ll end up spinning like crazy.

Having said that I’ll err on the side of caution :wink:

I grew up in Mt Eliza. The only hill that would give anybody grief would be Oliver’s Hill, but as that comes up from Frankston into Mt Eliza you wouldn’t have to climb it going anticlockwise ATB. The back way is a long but slight hill (called Siberia by cyclists due to the fact that’s it’s unprotected and the wind comes straigt off the bay) that 70 gear inches should be fine for.

okay, i’ve got the weekend clear, told work i can’t do fri/sat, so i’m definitely going to do it.
i’ll be riding 73" because that’s what i’ve got. it’d be good to have 5 or so riders who’ve committed to coming so we can ride as a decent sized group.

I’m in for sure. It’s gonna be fun on a bun.

oh come on!

i hope you know the way, whoever is coming. bring a map?

if no one shows up, i’ll get coffee and wait for the proper saturday ride.

Fine for maps, just keep the bay to your left and keep going til you get to Fed Sq. I’ll be ready to roll at 6am.

we did it. 250km, not so hard. it took a little over 12 hours.

Yeah, good solid ride, nice one Liam. Maybe more hills and less km’s next time though. Possibly some dirt…