[MEL] Hells Bells Alleycat 30th January 2009

[center][b]Prepare to go to HELL and BACK. [size=10pt](not really)

This will be EPIC!!
A test of mad city skillz, stamina, evasion, collection, strategy and a whole lot of politness (will get you a long way (and not arrested)). . . .

[color=Red]You’ll need a bag, a lock and a pen or two. Registration $10 at 6:30pm

AC/DC is compulsory listening before, during and after…

Gonna be HECTIC! :smiley: :slight_smile: :-o :sunglasses: :lol: :evil: :wink: :mrgreen:
Can’t wait

hm, will i know melb well enough by this point to enter this race?

i hate being the out-of-towner who has to rely on following the fast kid who seems to know where they’re going… mostly because i hate when people follow me in nyc races.

You’ll be fine. There’s enough random stuff in there to mix it up.

Is Scooter organising this?

No. Me. Why?


I have some rad ideas for this one. Should be heaps of fun.

Do you reckon there’s a chance I could win some sweet shoes?

cough vans fixies cough

Do you reckon there’s a chance I could win some sweet shoes?

Depends how quick you are.

Fixie Vans do happen to be in your size too.

replied you PM george

me too.

Got a few little tricks to try and split it up as much as possible.

Finalised the race route today. Think of the best/funniest bits from all your favourite alleycats, throw in some mega curve balls to mix it up and you’re on the right track. Hells Bells will be mega fun and ANYBODY could win it.

Will have a big bag load of epic prizes from the usual helpers and some cool extras. There will also be random giveaways and stack of stuff for the girls too.

Can’t wait.

seems bsc were keen to change their reputation… they just handed me a bunch of swag. this is going to be sweet.

is it swag, or Shhhhwag!


a swag full of schwag! is schwalbe involved? :smiley:

is schwalbe involved?

No, Continental.