MEL hillclimb 30/08

drinks / winners announced at the public bar afterwards. rock and roll!

that la trobe hill is one of my faves !!! (not that i’ll be racing)

Fuck, you guys make great flyers. In like Flynn.

Man this sounds great. Is there a cut off if we don’t make it to the next hill in time

is there a polka dot jersey for the winner?

Sounds like fun… my climbing skills are shithouse though…

well, marcel duchamp has to get some of the credit for that one…

Is he the dude with the pink aerospokes?

No, he’s the world famous hill-climbing mime cyclist.

Don’t you know anything?

on further consideration: yes, there will be a polka dot jersey (of sorts); and people who miss one hill will be given the worst time for that hill. so theoretically they could still win!

Is a fixed-only event or should i consider busting out the roadie? :mrgreen:

ride whatever you like. the hills are short and sweet, however, so fixed would probably be better. practice rides encouraged…

that la trobe hill is one of my faves !!!

I didn’t realise there was a hill on La trobe st.

I’ve just come back from 4 weeks riding in the French Alpes.

I’m a size (S) for the jersey. :wink:

hah yes compared to the french alps then melbourne “hills” are mere bumps…




anyone who’s keen to help with fliers and/or posters should holler at your boy right here…

No respect for anybody that does this on a geared ride. Should be fun.

this weekend!

bump. actual quote:

“anyone who uses gears for those hills is a pussy.”

i didn’t realise this was on saturday/ tomorrow !