[MEL] MDMA Meanstreetz III

Got this flier via email, I guess it says it all.

UPDATE from the Greek:

The word on the street is that Mean streets is gonna be epic . But I bet you guys didnt know that this year “Mean Streets 3” and the “The Dash for Cash” have united to become a truly unstoppable force ! What ? U say how can the Golden Greek do that ?, the MDMA is outta control thats how !
Heres the Skinny blokes - 20 cracker will get u entry to the tuffest race of the year , a spoke card . a FREE BBQ at the end of the race (tree hugging hippies will have a vego alternative :slight_smile: and while were at it lets throw in a FREE icy cool beer to help u cool down after the race ! all that for 20 bucks !!! the famous MDMA sound system will be churning out the beats and a good time is guaranteed .

Heres where its get interesting guys .This year Mean streets is works on points e.g 100 racers go in …1st over the line gets 100 points 2nd 99 points 3rd 98 points etc etc .This carries over in to the dash for cash with the same system
e.g 57 racers go in 1st over the line gets 57 points second 56 points etc etc > the person with most points combined at the end of both racers takes out the grand prize !!! HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS GUYS ITS NOT 1000 $ BUCKS THIS YEAR ITS … A RETURN AIRFARE TO TOKYO JAPAN TO COMPETE IN CMWC IN 2009!!! HOLLA ! HOLLA !

The mdma have pulled out all stops as worlds beaters when it comes to throwing races the bar just got raised higher . Throw in 3 custom stitched 1 off crumpler bags a shit load of BEER a lazy cpl of thousand in prizes and there you have it .The dopest most intense race series that has ever been staged ! Dont miss the one guys over 100 riders expected ! So be at 447 collins on the 16th of November at 3pm to be part of history! cya there guys and girls

ppl interested in checkpoints get there early or even better email me ur mobile no. at bestcourierevr@hotmail.com


oh lordy, this is going to be brutal.

Not during peak hour on a Friday?

FUCK. Put this on November 28 when i am in Melb! :evil:

The Greek’s call, I would prefer more traffic.

All rules are out the window on this one… prepare to be burnt.

Last years was epic in peak hour. At least I’ll be more pissed on a Sunday arvo, actually I was wasted last year. It’s the only way to roll MeanStreetz. :evil: :evil: :evil:

Bummed I’m not here. After what I heard… this is going to be insane!

probably a good call. you know, for safety.

Dunno, I’d rather ride when it’s peaking, I hate empty roads :cry:

Is this the official flyer?

AFAK spudly, apparently the ``beat streets" one didn’t cut the mustard. Greek said put this one up.

dimos mentioned getting everyone to sign a waiver. from the little i know about legal shit, that is the worst possible thing you could do. it’s all about denial, and nothing anyone signs will stand up in court anyway, it will just serve as more evidence.
just do it like you always do.

also, i’ll go on a checkpoint, if there are any.

As soon as we start worrying about this shit it’s OVER. Everybody assumes own risk. If I get cleaned up by a tram etc I was just out for a Sunday ride on my own. End of story.

Well, I suppose there’s no expectation for anyone to break any laws or ride dangerously, so if you get injured or injure anyone else, it’s your own damn fault.


also as an aside, if anyone kills a pedestrian, (chances are low right?) then all hell breaks loose.

$20 is pretty expensive

Justin Timberlake wrote a song about you.

Don’t come.

Looking forward to it.

Like I Love You? …


I think Liza Minelli wrote this theme song for meanstreets