[MEL] MDMA Skid Vicious

Not sure if anyone else posted yet, though MDMA are putting on a bit of a get together, hopefully there will be some tunes and good times! Come along for some good times and HOT bikes!


I could be an outside chance for best stack :wink:

It’s real bummer to hear of this about 20 mins after you decide to go interstate for a week!

Should be a ripper, hopefully someone takes some pics so i can see what I’m missing out on.

Hi gents,

Just a brief note to let all y’all know that Polo will be just around the corner at the W carpark - Exhibition Buildings, Carlton Gardens, on the same day. If you ever wanted to pick up a mallet and have a crack at it - especially after our li’l feature on the back of The Age today :smiley: - swing skid past.

Alex 4.o

(not the alex in the article…)

This is gonna be fun.

so many people!

it’s a shame most of them were just watching, but i guess it would have taken all day then as well.
and perfect weather for it too

today was so much fun

Forgot about this one, went and saw the last show of edward scissor hands instead

some of the guys i ride with snapped some pics, and one of our lil crew snapped up that best stack prize, pics over at crankysundays.blogspot.com

Sick turnout, thank to everyone for rocking up and supporting the scene, competing or not it was awsome to see all these rides I hardly ever catch a glimpse of!

w0rd to MDMA


heaps o fun, cant wait for the next one in september?

That was a fvkken blast. I def. didn’t think I’d be a chance, after seeing footage of skid comps OS. Those guys glide for ages. So when I went deep :smiley: on the first roll I thought, holy shit, what now … was paranoid about the physics of carrying extra weight, the first guy to roll down (was it Laney?) had a bag on and I thought hmm, give it a crack, naah, fuck it.

Hmm $125 less beer money eh :slight_smile: well it was all beer money by the end of the night anyway :wink: Thanks fellas and see you in September if not before. How was the AC?

PS yeah all those bikes at the Museum when we rocked up - it looked like a bike show, there were some sweet rides there. Magnifique!

Yes I rolled it on the polo gear 39:20. work that one out

i 've been in Melb for 4 days now on holidays from Bris! Was fuckin so stoked i was able to make it out to this event. it was killer to be able to see the melbourne fixie scene. good times people.

Reckon I saw Aquaman’s new build in there…

Highlight of the day = Star Trek onesie.

Yep I was there.
It was great to see so many other riders and a lot of bike porn!

Can’t wait for the next one! Will be entering next time to.

Incase you havn’t already seen them on my page, cranky’s blog or fyxomatosis. My photos from the day are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/urbanbicyclist/sets/72157606531942346 and of course the money shot is right here:

A few belated flicks, and belated Skid Vicious vid up on YouTube!

I didn’t make the cut though. Not digging deep enough I suppose!

It was a rad day.

what was the winning skid (roughly?)

whatever the distance is between the conifer on the far right of the screen, to the shadow of the tree across the road approx

bear in mind it was a little wet on the day. my guess is 90 metres