[MEL] Melburn Roobaix 2008

250 rider limit.

more here


bump in the road.

might have to get there closer to 11, i reckon.

See you guys there tomorrow, and i will meet you guys at Fed Square at 7.30

I’m loosing sleep I’m sooo excited.

me too, me too, me too, me too, me to, me too.

Will be riding with the kiwi contingent coming over from Auckland wearing the Solo gear - can’t wait!

yess. should be great. i made a little camera mount for my digital camera. i can take about 20 minutes of footage with my 512mb memory card. i’ll probably have to stop and take it off before the pave, otherwise it will come unscrewed.

i’m not sure if i’ll be there at 7:30, maybe. maybe not. i’ll see. got some important bike maintenance issues.

hoping to be there. gonna take the ankle for a test run in the morning.

good luck with that

Is getting there early going to help…
My rear wheel keeps going out of true. It looks like i’ll be on the mountain bike…
Still, can’t wait. Hope the weather is better than last year

i’m out. just had a ride around the block. riding’s ok, but and leg-assisted stopping hurts too much. if i still had my MTB i’d be right. oh well. have fun kids.

Awesome day. Great course. Absolute honour to take it out. Will be back next year for sure.

Yep, best day ever despite getting a puncture on the first checkpoint and i only stacked it once. Looking forward to next year already.

yeah great fun once again.
dry fun this year!

I never thought I’d be jeqlous of you Steve.

But at least I managed to book train tickets to Compiegne for tomorrow morning. If it all works out I should get to see the start of the real thing.

Gordon Ramsay had a point. French Pigs!!!

i edited some of the handlebar cam footage together into a movie. i tried cutting as much out as i could, but it’s still 10 minutes long. sorry. anyway, it’s uploading to youtube now, i’m going to bed. do a search for melburn roobaix and you should find it, i’ll check the quality and post a link when i wake up. if you get motion sick from camera footage, probably don’t watch it, the cobblestones made some sections very ‘lively’

that was a great day, thanks everyone

edit: link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8qh4AYKYZw

Great Footage Liam. Thanks for the video

Best Roobaix so far. It seemed more like a ride than an alleycat and seemed better suited to representing the Paris Roobaix

Thanks for putting on a great ride Andy look forward to next year

Liam that rocked! I even appreciated the avant garde music selection as well.
It was a great day- I loved that it was social, friendly and not too competitive.
Like Damoh said it is amazing how many cool fixies and SS there are out there in the woodwork which I’ve never seen before…

A few of my photos are here but if you email me with details about yourself i’ve probably got a photo of you somewhere…

Those photos are great! Especially the Dan tackle one. Post up more pics of people struggling to climb that cobble hill place, preferably with amusing facial expressions :lol: