[MEL] OMG! The Melbourne every Saturday ride is changing...

After some discussion today, we have decided to move the meeting point to Fed Square. Meeting time is the same (7:30am) until daylight saving ends, then we may change it to, say, 8am.

So - come along, say hi - or hijack the destination by riding in the front :slight_smile: It’s a fun ride.


I might actually be able to get some food next time :slight_smile:

speaking of the regular fixed ride, what’s happened to roguedubb lately? has he gone into secret hiding, only to reappear with a whole bag of new tricks? or something else?

He has disappeared from regular sat rides as well. I don’t think anyone but roguedubb knows whats going on.


hmm, that’s odd. i hope everything is ok with him, and he’s only taking a break… i might email him just to check.


Word on the the street is that he’s converted to BMX* and has headed off on a road-trip with the ladyfriend to (gasp!) Canberra.


holy mother, it’s far worse than i thought!

oh well, i sent him an email anyway - that way he’ll have to tell me personally he’s converted to bmx :slight_smile:

The Dark Side has claimed yet another victim :-o hehehe

Nice ride today, good turnout (11?), fun gravel hills.

Looking forward to next weeks “everyone show up and see if ndf makes it back in time and is sporting long socks and a beard”

i heard from jon a couple of days ago… apparently he’s pulling some one footed track stands on the bmx. whish is funny cos thats exactly what i was trying to do on naths bike last wed :slight_smile: can someone bring a hacksaw to the ride tonight… meaning nath :slight_smile:

Are we cutting carbon or steel? Re vice - I’ll just bring a dead stem and we can use that to hold it.

I’m around… just haven’t been particularly awake on any given Saturday morning for the last… while. No plans for tonight though, so, hopefully I’ll make it out tomorrow morning and not look like a total ass-hat after not having ridden my track bike for about a month.

And to answer the real question: no, I haven’t converted the 24" BMX, turns out it is possible to do tricks without a fixed gear!

Soooooooo… daylight savings is over…

If it’s an 8:00am ride, I can show off my new fixie… not the violet crumble :slight_smile:

Well … here’s still light at 7.30am so I’m happy to leave the time as it is. Maybe a change when the days get shorter?


Is your new fixie some kinda bikie diva? Can’t come out before 8am?

I’ll be elsewhere at 7:30am… showing it off to other people :stuck_out_tongue: