[MEL] Ostraya Day BBCCC Ride & MTB Ride

Hey Melb fixies,

This months Belgium Beer Cafe Cycling Club ride (& most importantly, breakfast) is going to be happening on Friday in conjunction with their Australia Day Music and Cycling Festival.

How about our regular Sat ride be moved to Friday accordingly?

And… on Sat, Pete and I want to grab our fat-tyred ponies and head out to ride some dirt. Not fixed. Anyone other takers? We’re thinking either heading out to Lysterfield or doing the Studley to Westerfolds run. Venue TBC later. Either are conducive to a BBQ at the end.

Typical. I blame Dan myself. It’s very unlikely my MTB will be rideable by Saturday so count me out this week. But be ready to do it again next week :slight_smile:

See ya there…

Except, I already decided to ride with the <A href=“http://www.bv.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3468”>BV forums bunch</A>…

So tomorrow morning then?

Usual time and place?

affirmatory. See you there.

…and just in case there was any lingering doubt: there will be waffles.

Pete and I will be riding in from St Kilda, at ~7:10, so don’t y’all go nicking off in the opposite direction at the stroke of 7:30 like last week :wink:

I’ll be there.

Do you want the vernier?

:wink: …Nick?

I should probably just get there on time I suppose, or push for the meeting spot to be moved to Fed

Sure do… :smiley:

OK, the MTB Ride - we’re meeting at Fairfield boathouse / pipe bridge at 12pm. The ride will be going up the yarra from Studley Park to Westerfolds Park and return.

MJ - no idea what that post removal is about… wasn’t me! i only remove spam, and lately i havent had to do any of that at all :slight_smile:

Nice plan. I’ll let you know if/when my mtb is ready but I’m pretty sure it won’t be 12.

Ha ha! The other Nick knows however… :wink:

(all in good fun)

re: MTB, I hope that Dan gets you riding today Nick…