[MEL] potential valentine's day alleycat

so, a friend of mine who works at king kog is coming to visit in january / february and is interested in throwing an alleycat. given he’s pretty down with a heap of kids in the bike scene over there it’s starting to seem like he’ll be bringing a heap of sweet swag… so, what i’m asking for here is suggestions. we’re thinking valentine’s day - which happens to fall on a saturday next year - so love / no love names would be good, as would ideas for activities. brainstorm away…

The St Valentines Day Massacre

The St Valentines Day Massacre


You can’t brainstorm the race out in the open. It takes away the suspense and everybody will know what’s happening already.

I’ll help you sort the race, I have plenty of ideas.

ah, but no one will know what ideas we’ve disregarded. eitherway you and i should get chatting.

mostly, though, the name was the issue. i’d already suggested the valentine’s day massacre, but i thought folks here might be more creative.

and i’m also trying to ensure that we don’t clash with dash for cash.

you could call it “Joanie Loves Chachi” for no particular reason except i just watched a clip while wasting time at work.

Love right

Dead Rose Alleycat.


It’s my long black hair and thick rimmed glasses that make me think that way sometimes.

Fuckn Emo

I’m off to cut myself. :expressionless:

Didn’t think we’d want some soppy Valentines day race but you ladies above sound like you do.

awesome band

Just a quick one I wipped up, needs work.

Haha, fuck you Matt.


Love (sketching) Your Trams
all entrants must complete a tram tow for more than two stops up swanston st
(or perhaps along the tram line that goes towards the tennis centre?)

ding ding

yeah, so i just came up with the best name, and i will be crushed if it’s not used.
it’s a spoonerism btw


(with an image of a cupid aiming a bow and arrow while doing a no-hands skid.)

^^^ lovin’ the name!

Haha yeah, that’s actually not so bad.