[MEL] Revolution 1 - Sat 24th @ Vodafone Arena

More info here: http://www.cyclingrevolution.com.au/

Don’t miss out… This will be a good one!

Got planning today, I’ll be at the bar.

Saw the list of competitors this morning.


I am really looking forward to this, its going to be a great night!

I will also probably be at the bar, I didn’t bother getting an allocated seat, but I do know someone with a spare seat ticket :wink:

I’m already double booked 24/11, but may be able to make it 19/12 if I can get away from Tullamarine fast enough.

Bar = General admission?

Damn family birthdays :x


I still hope to be there Saturday, I have my ticket but my health could stop me.

anyone know what time its starting?

1900 hrs

Well I am feeling well enough to attend tonight and I am excited!

I will be one of the (hopefully) many in a Brunswick CC top (polo, not jersey)


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ROFL, brain explosion of the year…

First time at a track event and I had the best time ever.

Okay, I do concede it was pretty fucking amazing… I was reluctant at first, but thanks to ndf and damoh I came along and was blown away by Ryan Bailey’s performance in the final scratch race. He friggin came from last place and overtook the whole field in a matter of half a lap and held the front for like 1 and 1/2. I’ve never seen anything like it! And the way in which he literally FLAILED and THRASHED his poor BT about the track. It was the most aggressive cycling I have EVER seen. Loved it!
YEAH track is back.
But the ‘audio visual’ feast was a tad disappointingly, ESPECIALLY the fake cheering coming through the speakers. Not cool at all.

Ah, the fake cheering, I had to laugh at it.

We started putting $1 bets on the riders and that made the night even more fun and our cheers got even louder when our riders came up.

Can’t wait for the next one.

Fake cheering sucked… Otherwise it was awesome.

Watch out for Revolution 02 + Melb Cup on Wheels final on the 19th Dec.

:slight_smile: mmm track.

I missed this one cause i’m holding out for the next one. Shoud be fun fun…

This was AWESOME!

I was out at BT a while back and saw one of Bailey’s frames in the layup (and got to touch it) - they beef up the front end MASSIVELY and reduce the fork rake because he chucks them about so much.

It was excellent to see the contrast of rider types - massive raw power explosion sprinter to calculating stickbug enduro madison… And the teams elimination… what a tactic-fest!

mmm more! MORE!!