[MEL] Roller Derby #5

This Friday night: Roller Derby at the Royal Derby

$10 to race - club bikes available - everyone welcome! A fundraser event with some great prizes: Revolution3 tickets, a’qto T-Shirts, BoogiBoy clothing, X-Eyewear, Solo cyclewear, Knog lighting, and more.

if there’s a club bike i can jump on i might give it a biff.

What size shoes do you take? You could always burrow my bike and shoes if you want

think mine are a 10.5… are we compatible?

2% on the incompatibilityometer. Oooooooh aint that sweet, I can hear the bells already :evil:

What about EU size. I am 43 euro size and about 10 in normal sneakers. Dont worry just where some thick winter wolly socks to go with your beard and you will fit fine

dang, mine are 45.

Well I hope someone from here will give it a good go for the f.o.a forums! No need to worry about bikes and shoes - just wear comfy runners and you can use a club bike with clips/straps.

See you at 6:30 - should be a good evening :slight_smile:

i tried, not so successful. less beer next time