[MEL] Roller Derby #6

Hey everyone, BCC are running round 6 of the Roller Derby at the BCC clubrooms this month. There will be food and drink as well as the usual racing and raffles. Major sponsor this month is Knog!

More information and directions…

Hope to see some of you there!

Why is there a minimum crank length?

the pro’s who do 300rpm on rollers use 100mm cranks, so i would assume there is a massive performance gain

Yep - on a 96" gear there is very little resistance, so cadence is everything. Shorter cranks are easier to spin faster. 165 is a practical limit for most people.

Man that room got funky with all the damp cyclists at the Velorock gig earlier this year - it’s going to be liek sauna if they’re racing in there. BYO birch branch and vodka - dips in the Merri optional.
I’ve always wanted to have a crack but chicken out on the day. Will there be any ‘loaner’ bikes available . . .

Yes, we’ll have a number of spare bikes and rollers there to use. Temperature shoudn’t be a problem, in this weather it needs a little heating to get comfy :slight_smile:

The same reason there is minimum [sensor] length… oops wrong forum. :evil: