[MEL] Roller Derby #7

Come along to the Brunswick Clubrooms on Friday 29th for another dose of silly roller fun! New events to be held this round include the slowest 20m and a roller “madison”.

Last time at the clubrooms was heaps of fun and this one should be even better… So come along and get involved! Bring your track bike or use one of the club’s. All riders welcome to have a go - even if you’ve never ridden rollers before. Racing is handicapped, all entrants get a go at each round.

Food and drink will be available on the night for a small donation. More info, map and directions…

PS Any fixed gear/SS bike is fine as long as the gear is lower than 50:14 (~96")
PPS You may wear flat bars, bullhorns, flopnchops or risers :slight_smile:
PPPS Bonus points available for competition on an off-road bike :))

Tomorrow (Fri) night!

Stupid roller fun at the Brunswick CC clubrooms - will include raffling of a double seasons pass to the UCI Track World Cup in November worth $200 (Row AA upper bowl - good seats!).

Come on down and have a spin, and heckle Damoh and Omar :wink: Last time I did it on my street fix … Off a 200m handicap! Geared bikes are fine as long as the gear you ride is less than 96" (50:14).

BBQ and drinks going cheap cheap.

Where is it? How do I get there?