[MEL] Sat 21st - Fixed time trial??

We’ve been talking about this for a bit, but here’s a real excuse to do it… Saturday 21st is a time trial stage in the tour - would anyone be interested in doing a fixed-gear time trial around Melb that morning in place of the Saturday ride?

The course will include a mix of roads, tramtracks, staircases and bike paths (something like our Kensington-drain-Brunswick loop). Length will be about 15km, riders will start at ~1 minute spacing. Start and finish will be near fed sq, I’ll mark the course the night before, and issue course maps on the morning… Just rock up for the Saturday ride.

Since there is traffic, lights, and weather this could be a fun challenge - the fastest riding may not get you the best time :wink:

Afterward we’ll go for an easy cruise to seek out some coffee and BGQ for the debriefing.

Damoh and I will finalise the course before the event - unless there are objections!?


I object!!!

No actually this would be great! count me in!

Bring it on!

Do it.

sounds brilliant

Sounds good, weather pending.

BTW, wot is BGQ?

I’ve already won :evil: hehehehe
Great idea champion!

Rain or shine guy.

I’m throwing my hat in the water!

this part of track was supposed to be on the course:

but we may have to divert around it :wink:


“hey look guys what I fouind in this here puddle… its’ a ridiculous bike!”

you have waterproof booties right?


How about we ride the course this Sat (14th) so everyone is familiar with it come time trial day?

Hey guys look what i found in the puddle…

thanks to omar

The course is ready -

Length is ~15km. It includes a healthy mixture of street, staircase, bike track, cobbles, back streets, busy roads, and tram tracks.

We’ve gone on pretty much all of the course (exept for a few fun surprise sections) on various Saturday rides so everyone should know the course. We will mark it out the night before, and give out directions on the day. There is enough random stuff along the way to even out fast and slower riders.

Start line is the super commuter green bike at the pedestrian crossing/taxi rank at Flinders St. Station. One bike per green :slight_smile:

Finish is the chute up past the heckler at Fed Square.

Based on our recon last night, the time to complete should be less than 50mins even if you are taking it easy. So yeah - Saturday 21st, Fed Square, Normal time! Don’t miss out.

As for equipment… probably best NOT to bring a TT bike with disc & singles…

But…Nath… I needed an excuse to start building one… :slight_smile:

Sounds great Nath, looking forward to it…

p.s. as we will be hanging around the fed square do also also have a BeerTT planned…!

The course is great, got a mix of everything.

You will probably need to keep your eyes peeled so as to not miss out on those vital left and right hand turns that could sneak up on you.

There will be a 1min 30sec interval between each rider to keep it relatively close, but it will also mean you will need to do a bit of work to catch up to the guy in front.

Brint it on.


Can you ‘brint’ on a fixed gear Damo? I thought it was just a BMX thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

On [url=/]the front page</a> now.

As site admin (and experienced underperformer) I hereby decree that drafting is allowed in this ITT. Maybe we should have an Eddy Merckx Grand Prix-style event sometime?