Do you run BMX pedals on your street bike?

Want an alternative to clips and double straps that wont break your wallet?

Skin Grows Back are making such alternatives and need locals to put them to the test.

email me if you are interested.

Melburn only.


email sent, sounds mysterious and intriguing :-o

Email sent

are these those twisty foot straps?


any thoughts LAM?

why only locals? people ride bikes outside melburn too…

I’ve always been interested in trying those as I don’t really like using toe clips and straps. Anyhow, I’ve sent you an email TC.


i’ve never used them, but they’ve been discussed here. (the powerstraps or whatevever they’re called in the US) i’m a little concerned about the remote possibility of dislocating knees or something awesome like that. it’s pretty unlikely, but not impossible i guess.

My review of powerstraps is down the bottom of this page


but alas my bike is still mismatched yellows and my tyres don’t match :).

Still use them for ‘casual’ riding but the bolt that holds the strap in place slips so I can’t pull up hard going up hills. Any distance and I use clipless. Interested to see what skin grows back come up with and if it’s any better I’d switch. If only I was in Melbourne…

powerstraps rule