[MEL] Spring Events RFC

We’ve had a little discussion off the forum about running some spring events… but we should probably work out some good dates and lock them in. The main three things we have coming up are:

1: Fixed 100 - Easy 100km fixed ride to no-where

2: The Hour Challenge - How many laps can you do at Brunswick in 60 minutes?

3: Handicapped Drags - Handicapped match sprints in the Moonee drains.

Unless there are any objections we’ll run them in place of the Saturday ride, some possible dates:

Oct 13 OR Nov 3 : Fixed 100
Nov 10 OR Nov 17: Hour
Nov 24: Dragz (midday?)



…and some more to add to the list

  1. Eddy Merckx Time Trail

  2. That biathlon thing where you ride, shoot a target then advance to the next stage

  3. Bicycle Polo

I vote Oct 13 for the 100.

Good training for those taking part in the Round the Bay thingy.


2nd vote for 100 on Oct 13. Anything around the last week in Oct and the first week in Nov is exam prep time for me, so count me out if anything is booked for then. Actually I’ll put a vote in for the Hour on Nov 17.

Should we also think about ending these events with bbq’s somewhere as well?

Also, when is the fixed.org b’day?

The Hour.

Fixed 100 - either.

I’m good for the 17th if its in the morning, no good for the 10th.

Drags on the 24th (thats the date of the first Revolution race at vodafone) could work!?!?

Let’s leave them for summer :slight_smile:

yep I like that too - sooo. Then how about the hour on Nov 17, drags on the 24th - Revolution 1 after dragz would make a great day of cycling related fun, ace.

Any objections to:

Oct 13 : Fixed 100
Nov 17 : Hour Challenge
Nov 24 : Drags


Plenty of time to setup that hypoxic chamber in a spare room :slight_smile:

Good for me. I’ll get the O2 bottles ready!


…maybe it’s time to buy a cheap set of those laser-tag guns and do sprint-tags!

Looks good to me.




count me in for the drag racing.

yes please, dan. :sunglasses: