[MEL] Swap Meet - Abbotsford - 24th May

Vintage Bicycle Swap Meet
hosted by Vintage Cycle Club of Vic
Saturday 24 May 2008
precious old bicycle parts
10am - 3pm
rear of Abbotsford Cycles
27 Swan St, Richmond (under the station)

$10 to sell, gold coin to enter and browse.

It’s simple things like this, thats why I appreciate AbC so much!

I was gonna call the guy today but I forgot, I sent an email but it failed :oops: Hopefully there are still some spots left for selling! I have a swag of stuff to sell!

Everyone come to this! and preferably buy my stuff.

Can’t wait.

That was better than I expected! Props to Abbotsford for putting it on.

Some seriously vintage gear & people there.

Scored an unused Bell 70 (Similar to B17) saddle that’s going to be soaked in Proofide tonight.

for the benefit or otherwise of those who were not able to get there, what did people pick up?? any pics from the day?

I saw someone taking some photos. Don’t know who.

I grabbed the aforementioned Bell saddle and a 17t cog.

There was a nice Merckx there, Andy had a table of chainrings, saddles, cranks, acrylic jerseys etc. Also a number of crusty old dudes with extremely vintage parts, cottered cranks, buckets of lugs and dropouts, a Dawes tandem, highwheeler, lots of Sturmey Archer gear and old Brooks/Wrights/Bell saddles. There was a nice Cecil Walker track frame/fork in white too.

My mate picked up a spinergy wheelset for $100 :expressionless: there were many cheap and interesting frames (the 50s ones with curved seat bridges) but pity I already have frame surplus. There were lots of old junk, if you were looking for something specific you probably would have found it! I picked up a few chainrings, a cog, and a very weird bar/stem combo.

Not the one with the builtin speedo/intrument cluster/something? That one was very… Rad?

More. . more, tell us more whoever went.

PHOTOS? Pleeeeaaaasee… . . . . .

No photos but I had a blast looking and wishing at the beautiful vintage steeds there! I got a bunch of ye olde tools for the ye olde bikes I’ve got, plus a nice leather saddle bag and also a jersey from Andy’s stall. Oh I wish I had more to spend and more space to put bikes in!

I totally forgot to go. Where we talking bargins or reasonably priced goods or ebay prices?

Bargains for sure. Hopefully it’ll be annual and not biennial next time.

I’ll tell you all what a yanky one is like

going to this today

though its raining outside so we’ll see!

It was great! Good bargains, people just getting rid of stuff and not charging stupid ebay prices. Shop picked up extra sales too. I bought stuff out back, but my mate bought up from the shop.
Props to them and I hope they do it again.

HI guys,

Thought I’d show you some pics of the Swap Meet in Marin County I went to today

You can see them all at
or they might show up if i do this

A Rainy day at the Mill Park Primary School didn’t keep they cycling enthusiasts away!!!

How many Jerseys do you want???

$700 bucks, Pinarello Funny bike with immaculate 7400 DuraAce group, double HED Discs plus two sets of other wheels. If only there was room in our car!!!

So what did you pick up?

In other news, parts from the swap meet are appearing on eBay:


I saw those crowns and went back 5min later to get the twin plate to clean up as a paperweight and they were gone.

I picked up a whole bunch of cheap stuff. I was very happy.
New cranks, saddle, cog, chainring, bottom bracket, some wrenches.

Though in the process of changing cogs on my crappy exercise bike hub the lockring got destroyed along with most of the threads for the cog. John in Abbotsford cycles took a look at it and tried for a while to thread the cog on but told me there was about a one in a million chance it would thread back on properly, so i was pretty upset, so i walked outside and figured I’d try one last time and actually managed to get it on. Though now I’m riding without a lockring, I think I’ll just buy a new wheel this week…

Unless someone has something they can offer me, >$200.