[MEL] The Good Friday Tradition

As per tradition, there will be a Good Friday ride. 7.30am at Fed Sq. Route (also following tradition) will be the “short or long FR”. Basically, it’s a simple ride down Beach Rd, pass Blackrock and back. Everyone is welcome. And I mean everyone … all skill/strength levels and bikes (Yes, even non-fixed ones).


Fantastic, I’m there.

bum… I’m off to Canberra for the weekend… have a great ride.

And as per the boss’s instructions, this will be a slow ride…apparently.

Gotta go to work that day, I’ll wave as I’m going in the opposite direction.

Can we find a bakery on the way to get some hotcross buns? Mmmm hotcross buns yum!..

I’ll be… at a wedding that day… have fun ya’ll

Depending on Lock nut situation I might try to come along for once, stop lurking in the background. Also depends on the easter tradition heavy drinking on the eve of a public holiday

Hey guys I’ll be interested in coming along- hopefully on something better than my ABC freewheeler :slight_smile:

“per the boss’s instructions, this will be a slow ride…apparently.”

those who want to go faster / further can zig zag down the road…!

“easter tradition heavy drinking on the eve of a public holiday”

just drink energy beers…!

“something better than my ABC freewheeler”

don’t dis the ABC, get the freewheel fixed and its a great bike, I liked the canti conversion…

“hotcross buns”

easily fixed…

“Gotta go to work that day”


Right that’s most of all your problems sorted… lets go riding… :slight_smile:

2nded!! That was HOT HOT!

The National Festy Folkival?

YEAH, if anything like last saturday is anything to go by i’ll be there.

Can we chase roadies again? Its so much fun.


Crap, i’m in Canberra too.
I’m going to miss the roadie chasin

The National Solo 24 Hour XC champs.

For those of you keeping an eye on the weather radar:

I will still ride if there is a light drizzle or shower. Probably not if there are heavy rains. We usually wait under the shelter of Flinders Station across from Fed Sq in situations like this, so don’t panic if you see none of us there … just wander across the street.

Also, there might be a Monday morning ride. Stay tuned.


Can we go faster next time :evil: hehehe

Maybe we should all bolt on our largest chainrings and get Nick to moto-pace us! … :wink: