[MEL] The Hour : Attempt #3 Sat 29th 10am

Ladies and gentlemen! Please be informed that the next fixed.org.au hour challenge will be held on Saturday the 29th March at 10am at the Brunswick outdoor velodrome. Unfortunately the venue is already booked on that evening so instead of delaying it until April, we will run it in the morning with the first hour scheduled to begin at 10am sharp.

There are strictly 12 places for this event and we will run two sessions of 6 riders. Anyone is welcome to come along and cheer - the more the better.

The Challenge: How many laps of the Brunswick outdoor velodrome can you do in exactly one hour?

If you’d like to give it a go, please send an email with the following information to nathan at undershorts dot org:

1: your name
2: the distance you hope to ride (eg 33km)
3: the gear you intend to ride

For this event you’ll need to ride a track bike or a fixed conversion, and if you have a brake it will need to be disconnected since there will be other riders on the track. Please - no flatbars or risers. If you have no idea at all how far you’d like to go just say ~30km. If you’d like to see how the other attempts went, check these topics:

Attempt #2
Attempt #1
Attempt #0

Have fun people.

I hope you can sit down at the end!!!

very cranky I’m going to miss this. Lots of fun and pain!!!


I think Ill come down for a spy, no racing but :stuck_out_tongue: Ill attempt to get a few pics while Im at it as well.

Question- why a 12 person limit? And why no riser bars?

Safety. Safety.

And Nath ran out of toes to count with

Counting is also an issue :slight_smile:

So anyhow, send me your emails and I’ll confirm you a place on the day.

There are 7 spots left - if you want to have a go, even if you are just curious, send me an email or pm and I’ll put your name down.

I’ll be on the Saturday fixed ride - feel free to join us there or meet out at Harrison St Velodrome (the gates will be open so you can drive your track bike in) at about 9:45, for a 10:00am start.

Any questions… Just email or PM.

is there a contingency plan in place if the weather is pissy as forecast. or should i stop being such a first-rate pussy?

If the track is wet, we’ll do it another time. I’ll be there either way.

Might be ok early. Forecast is for showers developing.

… and wind. Gonna make for some hard times.
Nath, I’ve got my rear wheel in an ok state. See you Sat

We had some very difficult conditions Saturday, but three and a half* riders attempted the challenge anyhow. Damoh’s skinsuit rode an impressive 34.5km pushing 92.6" - it will be interesting to see what it can do in good conditions! Thanks to Nick, 99, Chris, Cress and Omar for helping out with the counting.


Name   | Gear | Laps   | Dist.  | Pedals | Avg. Cadence
Damoh  | 92.6" | 107+80m | 34.51 km |  4804 | 80.1rpm
Steve  | 77.6" | 97+240m | 31.45 km |  5221 | 87.0rpm
Tally  | 82.8" | 93+160m | 30.09 km |  4683 | 78.0rpm

Lap cards (with split graphs) can be collected on the next Saturday ride.

  • Romain rode the last 25minutes of the hour, completing 42 laps or 13.52km.

Thanks nath and to everyone who helped out with counting and support… God we needed the support.
The wind coming off the bend was hellish. I have to admit it was one of the hardest rides i’ve done, but having actually finished it, i think it was great fun and will definitely front up for the next one. My aim was to make 30km and somehow i limped over the line. I’m sure my splits will show the rapid descent into snail pace as the laps went on and the conditions ground us down. Hopefully the next one will be a beautiful sunny and still day.
Thanks again


soooo annoyed i didn’t make this. had been looking forward to it since the last hour back in november.

thanks to Nath and all who helped it was fun even with that wind :slight_smile:

Very well done boys. Wouldn’t have been easy in those slimy conditions. Gold stars all round :wink:
And well done to NDF for organization :slight_smile:

Yes best hour ever, or maybe my best effort at the hour.

Perfect conditions for a skinsuit, nice and windy = no floppy clothing holding me back. Feels like i am weaing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all…

Bring on the next one. Thanks to everyone who organised it and yelled out at me in abuse and slapped my arse!

What sort of ride was this ?! :?