[MEL] The Hour - Attempt #5 - EOI Phase.

Drawing heavily on Nath’s previous hour attempts, here’s FOA attempt #5, in the early planning stages.

Attempt #1
Attempt #2
Attempt #3
Attempt #4

The challenge: How many laps of the Harrison St Velodrome can you do in exactly one hour?

The ‘FOA Best Hour Performance’* is currently held by Tristan Bennett: 120 laps (~38.6km)

If you are curious to find out what you are capable of, come along to the HSV on [TBD] and have a go. The rules are simple:

  • fixed gear only (conversions are ok)
  • no brakes allowed
  • drop bars, spoked wheels, etc UCI Hour record rules.
  • no collusion, although since it is a personal challenge it’s totally up to you

Depending on numbers, we’ll run it over a couple of sessions. The first session will be [TBC]. Track will be open for warm-up from [TBC].

If you’d like to have a go, please reply with an estimate of what you hope to do (in km) and the gear ratio you plan to use (so we can plan the sessions). If you have no idea, just say 30km.

The hour is a very special experience, both a physical and mental battle - so come along and, at the very least, get a glimpse into what it feels like to push toward your absolute limits.

If there is enough interest we can bring out the BBQ - maybe even get the Kiosk open. Over to you… The bike rider.

[*] Limited to laps of Harrison St Velodrome.

This sounds amazing! I’m in, no idea what gear or how far I could do. Makes sense to run something pretty big though yeah?

polo gearing!!!

great idea too BTW

Get on it then

I’ll give it a shot - let’s say ~30km’s on ~80gi’s. Tell me if I’m dreamin’.

BNE should have it on the same day, we can get all parochial and shit.

Perth should run one too. Given their penchant for huge GI’s, they’ll kill us east coasters!

I will give the BBQ one hour challenge a shot. See how many sausages I can down while you guys turn left.

Yep, I’m in.
Don’t see much point in doing this if I’m not going for the ROA record, so put me down for (what I assume is an unrealistic) 40km. If I blow up, I blow up.
Should be entertaining either way.

One of the times i did it i was on 75" and managed ~35k’s (can’t find the results)

I remember Tristan got close to 40KM or more?

OMG H, you really don’t read anything that’s posted do you?

one hour of riding…THEN one hour of eating.

So two hours of eating for me?

you forgot to but the words “vintage” and “MTB” in front of the sentance :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear you must have edited your post Blakey because I didn’t ‘see’ it

“Sorry, I Didn’t See You” = “I Didn’t Bother Looking”

i’ve stopped myself from skim reading. i either read the whole lot and then talk/ask questions, or read a few lines/paragraph and not comment/discuss at all.

Intriguing idea

If you didn’t see it, you didn’t bother looking.

I’ve stopped myself from skim reading. I either read the whole lot and then think of hilarious shit to say, or read a few lines/paragraph and then think of misinformed hilarious shit to say.

No disc on the back… booooooooo