[MEL] The Hour

It’s going to happen again in the very near future…

What are you capable of?

“No-one knows, so let’s find out!”

Current plan is to pair up, and run two sessions, count laps for your lap buddy (lap), then swap (laps)… At the Brunswick velodrome, on a Saturday, after the regular ride - but which one works for the most interested parties? Say your bit here and we’ll work out a date.

If anyone needs some inspirational ‘training’ material, please pm me your postal address and I’ll send you your “Get Ready for an Hour Record Primer”.



Just got me a wireless cateye odo that should do the counting for me!

(Hmmm… Mr Sosenka’s bike looks a bit small for him…)

No, counting will be by laps and metres only.

In that configuaration he was able to get a fairly aerodynamic position AND remain ok with the UCI :slight_smile: His saddle even appears to be flat:

heh. And he is the current record holder cobber.

I suggest we do the hour in place of the Sat ride for the following reasons:

  1. Pushing a high cadence for 1 hour is hard (at least for me it was). I would not want to do it after a regular Sat Ride.

  2. There won’t be any pesky kids fooling around the track at that early in the morning.

  3. 2 sessions means that it’s at least 2 hrs long. Some guys may not be able to hang around for that long if a regular ride is included.

I nominate the 21st of April for this event.


Good ideas Des… how about we meet at Fed Sq, normal time, then ride to Brunswick as a warmup… Aim for an ~8 - 8:30 start - so we can be all finished by 11.

Also - any chance we can get a few of those click counters?

21st is a great date - Any objections?

any Saturday is fine with me as long as it’s not pissing with rain :lol:

I’ve got a few clickers at home which I can bring.

Bullhorns/TT ok, or is someone going to get all UCI legal on me?

You have to ride Sushis. It’s a UCI thing.

What’s the UCI’s stand on spoke cards?

Screw it, 24" hour record instead!

You’re going to screw your 24" for 1 hour?

You’re going to screw with your 24" for 1 hour?

Well… assuming we can get use of the velodrome, the only rule will be… if you attend the hour club, you have to ride :wink:

If anyone has a hermetically sealed recumbant i’d like to see it out. hehe Or any aero embellishment for that matter.

not to pi55 on the parade but when do the Brunswick boyz come out to play Nath ? or have they finished skills sessions for the season (I suppose if they are there we can tell 'em to keep above the the sprinters line…!)

2-4pm on a Saturday - but yeah I think they are done for the summer. You and I can ask in person tomorrow evening eh? EH? :slight_smile:



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