[MEL] The Wednesday Fix

Mid winter - but we are still riding most Wednesday evenings. Meet at the spooky voices bridge: MAP and Directions

6:30pm Wednesday evening. Check here or by sms/email/pm to see if anyone’s coming.

This week (June 27) we’ll be riding to Omar and Pete - that’s St. Kilda-ish, tricks and hopefully a hot chocolate. Come along and say hi :slight_smile:

See you there

BYO towel.

You’re the worst character ever, Towelie.

Takes one to know one, soggy bum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow I totally hit a wall tonight - flat out dead, for no appearent reason I just couldn’t pedal anymore (big thanks to Damo for the lift home) - but I figured out what it was: Dehydration! On a night like this? Sheesh. Just downed a litre of water and I’m ready to ride again :slight_smile:

Cheers to you Captain! And Jeers to the rest of ya!

Tonight was wild fun for a ride… lucky for us the second half was all northward with a tailwind.

man, and there I thought you guys had been in to too much water already.

Dont ask about the ride home in the south direction, I could swear that I was going backwards at one stage.

Prologue for the Melbourne Roubix this wed night. What do people think?


How about a kensington+drain loop followed by hot dogs on the river?

Sounds good as long as we can ride on cobble stones and down alley ways.

Sounds good to me… I’ll get the BBQ Multi tool out…

Christof are you coming this week

Best Wednesday night ride ever!

Thanks to Nath, Pete and Omar for a great night of riding. Perfect weather, awesom ride and barbeque and great playground riding.

Next week ride to Chrisof’s…cause he is a lazy arse!

Definitely an awesome evening guys, Thanks to all for organising it.

Is the ride on tonight??

Damoh and Omar are probably going to be there… I’m a maybe, unless Horatio and I go hang out with the Brunswick group… Horatio?

i may be there.

does anyone know bike shops in the city that still sell the bigger knog rear red lights? they all seem to have stopped stocking them, and the front one i got is the best light i’ve bought, plus my back one is broken so i need one for tonight.

I have a 5 LED rear you can have… I’ll bring it along.

They big ones seem to only come as a pair, Roleur (abbotsford) have them.