[MEL] Vic champs @ DISC this weekend

At the Joe C. Velodrome this weekend:

Friday 18th: 7pm Keirin & Scratch
Saturday 19th: 10am Pursuit; 1pm Sprints; 5pm Omnium
Sunday 20th: 10am Points; 1pm TT; 4pm Madison

I’ll be heading over to spectate for most of the events, hope to see some of you there!

[Full Program] [CSV Page]

wow check out the start list for the Keirins!@! Should be an awesome night Friday.

Also some people to cheer for: 99, Man-Mountain, Shaved Bear

can’t wait!

Wow the <a href=“http://www.cyclingnews.com/track.php?id=features/2006/omnium_introduced”>omnium</a> sounds like it will be interesting to watch on Sat night!!

• A 200m flying start time trial (like what the sprinters do to qualify for their heats, but in this case times and points will be recorded);
• Then a 5km scratch race (or the number of laps closest to 5km);
• Then a 3km individual pursuit (and 2km for juniors) with the riders seeded on how they finished in the scratch race (so dropping off the back of the bunch could be a problem);
• Next up comes a 15km points race, with a minimum of five intermediate and the sixth final sprint;
• And then to cap it off, a kilo. Yes, a one kilometre time trial, generally held as one of the hardest minutes of any cyclist’s life. In the omnium, the riders will ride off in pairs, pursuit-style.


Eddie feels left out :cry:
Don’t worry Eddie we’ll cheer for you too.

nah - I think he’s just upset that his secret alter-ego has been outed :wink:

Don’t worry there’ll be plenty of yelling for Eddie!


If I make it there, I’ll be sure to stop and get you some wax strips in case the morning shaves stubble begins to show through the skin suit!!!

And that shaved bear :wink: :smiley:

Awsome finish in the Mens Keiren final! they were all top races :slight_smile:

yeah some very good racing over the last three sessions.

Q: How many world-champion cyclists (not necessarily current) appear in this photo:


Today was a very very slow day of pursuits and time trials, but it was all worth it for the sprint finals and the points race in the Men’s omnium - awesome! Looking forward to the points and madison races tomorrow. Again there’s a very strong field.

Omar: did you get any good shots? Mine are a little crap-crappy :confused:


I am affraid that I too did not fare too well,

Your shot Nath

and some more,

Maybe that’s Nath’s look of “I should be out there kicking some arse!”