[MEL] Wednesday Night - Belgium Beer Cafe voucher ride

It has come to my attention that many of us still have a wad of unused vouchers from the Belgium Beer Cafe Cycling Club.

Beer, frites, croquettes… Even a mussel pot. All waiting to be consumed. For free.


So let’s use them:

The Wednesday night ride on February 7th, will finish at the BBC on St Kilda Road for refreshments on the house, courtesy of our vouchers. Usual meeting spot and time otherwise.

I’ll start looking for me beer tokens…!

I do believe that they also except cash at the bar… so those without tokens can join in with the refreshments as well. :slight_smile:

It’s on - tomorrow night!

I might cruise past and say hi at the meeting point - Given that I’ll be working late (hey that’s late for me!) tomorrow… might even toodle down to the BBC with yas…

Just in case:

6:30pm on the creepy voices bridge that goes from Birrarung Mar to the MCG.

… more details …*

  • the ride has become more of a night cruise around town / food / beerup sort of thing, and less of a skills session :slight_smile:


Not working late any more…

No fixed meet for me…

hol;y jebez - i just had a ‘race’ with a dude on a chopper up williams st, he had a skull mask on and rev-reved me at the lights… so i took off and he stalled, but I didn’t look back to see if he was chasing@

Thanks for the delerium boys! No idea how I managed to get home in a piece :slight_smile: see you next week.

Damn, you were quick getting home!

Next week!

Saturday first!

Bike’s, Beer and frite’s are the future…!

next time at the BBC… Escargot :slight_smile:

see ya Saturday

Noice phonecam pic MJ!