[MEL] Werribee 12 hr (mtb content)

In a few months there’s a mountain bike race.


I’m tempted to enter, and possibly do a lap or 2 fixed.

Anyone want to enter as a team? No way can I ride 12 hrs on my own, even with 5 months of training.

September 15th 2006
Start: 10:00am September 15th, 2006
Finish: 10:00pm September 15th, 2006

Location: Melbourne 4x4 Training & Proving Ground, Werribee, Victoria, Australia
Map of how to get to Melb 4x4 available in info pack.
Map of the Course will be available closer to race day.


Do you have the required time machine to go back to last year?

Damn I was really interested in the ‘Female pairs’ catagory too.

lol… that’s copied and pasted from the FGP site.


It is definitely 2007, 15th September.


Yo Dionysis,

Does this mean that you are back on the bike?


I am but I have to be very careful to not exert myself too much, if I do I could end up with a “strangulated hernia” which could be life threatening.

But I’ll have had the operation by September so I’ll be fully back on the bike then.

I’m keen.