[MEL] World Hour Record Attempt at DISC 26th Nov

On Monday the 26th November, two Australian masters women athletes will be attempting to set a world hour record at DISC under the scrutiny of the UCI.

Attempt 1: Liz Randall (Blackburn) 5:30pm
Attempt 2: Shirley Amy (Castlemaine) 7:30pm

So here’s the deal: GO THERE AND YELL LIKE CRAZY!

The Brunswick CC social committe would love to see as many of you there as possible to get fired up, yell whistle, rock out to Rammstein, mexican wave, and “witness history in the making”.

More information: Liz Randall’s blog.

For those of you planning to also come along for our hours at Brunswick on the 17th, it is worth noting that Liz plans to do approximately 40km for her record :slight_smile:

Wow, GO LADIES, i cant wait for this.

I am looking forward to it!!

That’ll be good, but THIS will be better :mrgreen:

More info now on the CSV News Page.

Don’t forget that this is on TONIGHT! Come and support Liz!

So like, were any records broken?


Liz set an Australian record: 37.5km (world record was 39.224km)
Shirley set a world record: 39.3km

Well Done girls!

Yeah great nite, great atmosphere, well done girls